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8/24/2020 12:52 am  #1

New Strategy to Get His Call

Actually I am reading money manifestation but applying those to SP and call issue. How to not think negative, why he is not calling, when will he call, all is ok why is he not confirming officially ?Hmm.. I am doing these, felt better so thought sharing.....  say to yourself following + add your emotions spontaneously what comes , this will replace inner conversation. You get what you are 
Omg, he called me! I did this  Success time! It was ME keeping him away , not HIM wasn't calling. cz I was thinking, why is he not calling, what should i do? But now, he is callling me so many times than before  I love RECEIVING his calls, I love when he pampers me , i love when he ( xyz , add yours what was there in between both of you ) - keep feeling.. Now i am feeling much stronger than bfr cz now he is calling me  I can do all my own , meditations, cartoons, talk with others without tensions and arguments and running behind him  all is balanced and now he has more desire about me  waaaaaw ! this never happened before ! 

(what you feeling as he's now calling you - keep feeling ( this is neville's live in the end )
feel good about it, don't worry about cz u already HAVE THIS 
Fool your subconscious by feeling before - subconscious mind can't differentiate 
add all good feelings about his call, your communication Thanks & Love  

Feel free to PM for anything else.

Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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5/06/2023 9:41 am  #2

Re: New Strategy to Get His Call

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