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2/09/2019 2:34 am  #1

IMP Videos : New to Neville? Changing state?

Click on text below to get diverted to particular Video
1. New TO Neville ? Begin here  (This video on 31 Jan 2018, Changed my life. I started my Neville-New Yr / New Life)
2. How much TIme it takes ? (Also read My post : Neville Success Stories along with this video. Post can be found on this forum under Neville Section. You can also see my posts if you go to my profile on this forum by clicking on my ID )
3. If you hv done much, Can't find exactly. Check out my this post. Got Missing Link( All responses are my own progress, realisations, it contains key msgs too )
4. Awesome Video : Not by Neville : How to shift  the state / Reality  . ( You can refer my post on it byclicking here)
5. How to Use Imagination : By Neville 
6.Everything about Marriage & getting married with your love  
7. Combo :Neville's own voice : How to use Imagination + Revision  with lots of real stories. ( Listen Daily )

I see my work getting done, Tomorrow is my birthday.
On this birthday, I have realised being here in Human bodies means what, why to me. We all are immortal. All are one. Wishing all Happy Manifestation. This is very real & awesome birthday for me. I have learnt how to live life. 
Thanks Veronica, Neville, All buddies here, All visible & Invisible spirits & powers around me for teaching me these valuable lessons !
Let's create the world of more Positivity, Health, Joy, Peace, Harmoney, Love, Bliss, Smiles, Happiness. 

Lots of Love 


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Thanks & Love
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2/10/2019 2:24 pm  #2

Re: IMP Videos : New to Neville? Changing state?

In half sleep as well, I find am reciting Neville's this line.. Like I used to mug up studies before exams


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Thanks & Love
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7/20/2020 12:20 am  #3

Re: IMP Videos : New to Neville? Changing state?

My gosh!!! Thank you so much!! I was wishing and hoping to find something that would help me understand how and where to start with Neville. Have heard his name pop up in so many posts and videos, that I wanted to know his teachings and learnings first-hand. Thank you so much. Not sure if you are still active, and yet, had to express my graritude.


7/20/2020 1:35 am  #4

Re: IMP Videos : New to Neville? Changing state?

Hm! I am active, much more in this field to learn  I am having much more advancement but Neville is THE BEST & my favorite! Good Luck!

Thanks & Love
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