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4/06/2020 8:25 pm  #1

I encounter a problem and now I don't know what to do


I've been in this journey of manifesting my ex since the very first day he broke up with me on january. A couple of weeks ago we stopped talking, and therefore it made it easier for me to manifest him back because I was no longer waiting for his messages. He reached out last week, we started chatting like nothing happened.Β 
I visualized getting a message from him telling me that he wanted me to be part of his future, that he still loved me and stuff. On friday he sent that exact message I was expecting... but with a plot twist.

I'm pretty sure this is a result of things I attracted back when I was not into LOA, because it's a thought I used to have, a fear I had for too long. He cheated on me. He told me the reason why he broke up with me is because he cheated on me and was feeling guilty - but he wanted me in his life and to be part of his future, that he never stopped loving me, that he always will, and that he would do anything for me, that he didn't want to lose me.
And my heart shattered.
Now I don't know how to align, because I don't know what I feel. I love him, I do want him in my life, but I obviously feel the betrayal, and I don't know how to cope with all of this.Β 
If I want him, should I just forgive him?Β 
But at the same time, I want something better than that, would that be ok if I manifest him fighting for getting me back? Like visualizing him making actual effort to gain my forgiveness?
How can I align the desire of my heart with my values and my feelings? What would be the best thing?

And of crouse I know a lot of people will say that maybe I should move on but that's not what my heart wants, even tho I truly desire something better. I need an advise Please.


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