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3/05/2020 5:20 pm  #1

Manifested my ex back... then lost him again. help!

So.. Ill try to make this very long story short.

Me and my boyfriend were together since January 2019, exclusively March 2019. At the time, I had all of the control. He liked me so much. I actually feel bad about it now, but I made him wait a few months to be exclusive. He went to a school 8 hours from me and was my first boyfriend so I was scared. He ended up moving back to where I live, and we started dating. Im not going to lie and say we were absolutely perfect together, nobody is. We would argue sometimes. But he is so different from anyone ive ever met. He was absolutely obsessed with me. Wanted to be with me so bad. I trusted him because hes so smart and sweet and I had no doubt he adored me. Once college started back up again, around september, it was good, but gradually his stress built up since he wasnt doing so good in school and his mom threatened to kick him out and stop paying for school if he didnt get straight A's. We ended up breaking up in december, which absolutely broke me. He was my source of happiness at that point, I never saw that coming. Especially from him. Even though he told me it wasnt personal, he needed to focus on school and his mental health. This is when I got into LOA. I was able to manifest him back and countless more things. Everything I wanted to hear from him. He still loved me the entire time, he didnt do anything with anyone else, he wanted to be with me no matter what, no matter what his mom thinks, he can balance school and our relationship, he was gonna start counseling, and he was soooo apologetic about how he didnt reach out the past month. It was like I was dreaming. He isnt the type to change his mind like this, so I was shocked. However, it was good for the first week, but I started to get nervous. School started again so we couldnt see eachother as much. I think I stopped manifesting and was just worried it would happen again, even though he said it wouldnt. Then it got to the point where we both felt like we jumped in too quick. I was so angry that everything I manifested went away. I still want to be with him and I need to manifest him back.  What do I need to do different to make sure that it lasts this time? Please dont share anything negative, I know I want to be with him and that we are good for eachother. The negative feedback doesnt help my vibrations at all. please. i want to be with him. how do i get back with him for good. how do i make sure he never wants to leave again? Thank you so much.

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4/18/2020 6:00 pm  #2

Re: Manifested my ex back... then lost him again. help!

I’m in a similar situation. Me and my ex have been together a year we live together as well and have a dog together. We have had a bumpy year with a few death and losses and he’s had a bad knee injury this year. He’s 34 and I’m 31. Last year he was obsessed with me and I admit I was liking him but not to the same level. It’s like he was doing all he could to lock me down in a relationship and secure me for good. He bought his house in June and before that wanted me to choose a house with him, which I refused as we had not been together more than a few months. When he bought his house I viewed it before he got the keys with him so I could help him choose furniture for it and I chose literally everything as he wanted us to live in this house together (he did choose some bits too and liked everything I chose) he wanted me to move in with him straight away and I held off for a bit not wanting to rush but knowing I would move in eventually. We parted for  2 weeks in July which was my choice. And he didn’t want it but I lost my auntie and found out I was pregnant and lost that too he was upset about it as well. After that I would spend every weekend down his house with him and week nights he would stay up with me and my housemate as I helped look after her son with her. We got our dog in August. After we got her she stayed at my house during the week and came to his at the weekends with me. He got frustrated a lot as he just wanted me and the dog to be living with him full time. I agreed to move in at the end of November before his family came out for Christmas. I moved in at the beginning of November as my housemate got diagnosed with a brain tumour and her elderly mum was flying over for the operation so I gave my room to her while she was there. The op wasn’t successful and my housemate was left in a wheelchair, partially blind and half deaf. It also turned out it was cancer and from the date of the op to her death was exactly 2 months. I looked after her son a lot during that time and he came and stayed with us at our home while his family were over for a bit to ease pressure on my friend. Her son is 3. We got the news the cancer was terminal before Christmas and then just after new year we got the news that she had a few days to live. Simon was there visiting her with me at the hospital when we got this news. He said then that her son could stay as long as needed with us so not to worry about him to her, her mum and partner. Less than 48hrs later he changed his mind I was so upset as is this hurt even more as I had looked after and lived this child for over 2 years prior and there weren’t many close people around to take care of him. I just wanted to reduce trauma for him as much as possible. We fell out and I ended up sleeping on the couch st my old house that night and staying away the next day. Her son stayed back at my old house after that. His family were lovely to me and spoiled me when they came over as did my ex for Christmas. Bought me a beautiful key ring that said “you already have the key to my heart now here is the key to my (which was crossed out) our (written next to it) home. Welcome home” and he’d put my key on it without me even noticing. After New Years he hurt his knee.we took his family back to the airport and he was in that much pain we ended up going to the hospital. He had to have surgery which was scheduled for just over a week and a half later. A couple of days later my friend died. To say I was distraught is an understatement. We were both coffin bearers at her funeral which was just a few days before his operation. He was on crutches for 6 weeks and we were housebound mostly after that as he could not handle not having it rested up for any period more than an hour. We got misadvised about medication as well by the discharge nurse who told him not to take any aspirin so he developed a very large blood clot in his leg. He was off work unpaid for 9 weeks and I also was not earning at that time. We were under each other’s feet a lot stuck in the same house we were meant to be doing a partner visa so I could stay in the same country and he had paid the initial fee for the agent when we found out we couldn’t do it so we did another student visa for me so I could stay with him which was February this year. For our anniversary and Valentine’s Day he spoiled me then a week later he was unsure on us so I moved out for a night with our dog and the next day he messaged me saying he wanted to chat, he said he loved me to pieces and hated being in the house without me and Bonnie.(the dog) I came back the next day and a week and a half later he did it again so I left this time he wasn’t sure he loved me. We parted for about 2 weeks and this time I used the law of attraction to get him back. We met up and I poured my heart out telling him just how I felt about him and how much I loved  him. I moved back a week later and everything was great. But last week he said it again saying his feelings are just different and he doesn’t know what it is he thinks maybe we should just party ways. IM Distraught and this time my old house is no longer there to go back to so I staying I. The spare room. Yesterday I came home and he had taken the pictures of us down. The day after he ended it he sent me a txt saying this “hey I have been sitting here all morning wanting to message you to see if you were ok? I really don’t know what to say, I honestly don’t know what I am feeling right now, I am just so confused and don’t know what is going on in my head I really don’t know who I am at the moment, all I know is I’m not me and I don’t know why. I truly am sorry for all this.” Living  together has been hard and Thursday night we didn’t really speak Friday was the same but he could see how truly devastated I was and he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie and order take out. Then Saturday morning he was offering to do my washing and take some stuff to the post office for me, I felt a bit better so did my hair and make up and went out with a friend for the Arvo came home and our pictured were down the engraved key ring I bought him for his birthday the other week were removed, I have no idea where he has put them but I literally can’t deal with the pain from all this. I can’t eat or sleep. Help please 


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