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7/02/2019 12:38 am  #431

Re: Superman Game

Hola I have decided to do this challenge to help me withliving in the end. I have known my SP since Oct 2017.

A month ago he told me he cares about me but basically is looking for one night stands. That I am a good girl & he does not deserve me. Even though I told him he does deserve me. I know he is my soulmate.  Stating today, I am going to live in the end reaultπŸ’œπŸŒΊπŸŒΉ


7/17/2019 9:51 am  #432

Re: Superman Game

Hello! Today I effed up big time messing with my manifestation, so I denounce all the negativity and doubts and decide to focus on the challenge wholeheartedly without allowing any logic, overanalyzing etc. which are my biggest problems. I'm here to support y'all who need a pat on the back and thank you so much for all the help in the forum! This time I'm determined to be disciplined!


8/21/2019 2:34 pm  #433

Re: Superman Game

Hi I'm Superman and it's August 21st, 2019. I'm determined to get my love back. I will play this game for 30 days and will do it with a strong determination. I will put my full faith and belief in it because I'm doing it for the experience. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For the next 31 days I will live in joy and gratitude because my dream is coming true. I'm starting the challenge tomorrow. I will enjoy the challenge.Β 
I truly believe despite the odds it'll work out for me. I have a about 6 months to a year to dedicate to this but I'll for sure do it for at least 30 days.

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2/24/2020 2:30 pm  #434

Re: Superman Game

This sounds good!


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