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2/20/2020 10:59 am  #1

my SP is here!! HELP!!

I'm in love with this ex schoolmate of mine since last 7 years. but he didnt felt the same way and we were not on talking terms due to lot of misunderstandings.
I used loa for this thing 3.5 years back and i got him to initiate texting. however after a year of texting we again stopped talking due to a fight. now again after a year of no contact, he again made efforts to talk to me in early 2019. and then after 2 months of good chats we had a fight and he stopped texting.

Fast forward now since last few days, he is giving me a vibe that he wants to talk to me. im also feeling that he is missing me. he called my cousin and had a long discussion about me with her. he told her how he always tries to maintain friendship but we end up fighting. he also said that he doesn't thinks we can be friends because of this difference of attitude.
He keeps asking my cousin if im dating someone. he dropped out of education and is struggling financially and he considers me to be very intelligent in academics and thinks i will find some well off guy. he really said all these things to my cousin!!
When asked by my cousin, he also said that he is not in love with me or any sort of romantic feelings. But i think that he has SOME FEELINGS otherwise why would he think so much about me.Β 
Now i'm confused.
Β FirstΒ of all i wanna raise his self-esteem and i dont want him to think that he is less then me. Him putting me on this high pedestal may stop him from approaching me.
Second,Β Β what should i do mentally to make him realise his feelings for me, and to remove the resistance he is having in his mind that we cant be freinds coz we are different.?? how do i use loa to make him feel positive about us and make an effort to start talking again
I have my birthday coming up on march 4, and 99% sure he will wish me. What can i do to use that opportunity and get him talk to me regularly?


2/14/2022 12:52 pm  #2

Re: my SP is here!! HELP!!

Im getting a little tired of all of this. Will says its been over a year now, and hes not even sure what happened this time. Last thing I remember was trying to contact some old friends in New York, and now Im...

Hey, Will, where are we again?

Well, lets just say Im here now. I really need someone who could help me figure out whats going on, and what Ive missed while Ive been gone.


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