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2/07/2020 2:28 pm  #1

AceWay123 - Patience

Hi, Ace here.

Today, I would like to make you levitate.

Sounds weird? No.

A short positivity shall make you "Fly High" after reading this post.

In a world full of people being busy all the time, I thought I'd be the one to make you say "yes" to the desires you'd like to achieve; the bright future that awaits ahead of you.

Let's get started...

For those of you that don't like waiting or simply lack patience, I would like to say, what I always say to myself.


There is no need to know when, only thing to know is that it will.

We humans feel frustrated or almost like giving up, we choose to feel something all the time, when a desire of ours isn't coming as quickly as we want it to come. The choice of always wanting to feel something in every situation, can lead you to make a decision, and that is to complain. 

in such a world, where learning something has never been as easy as it is now, how could you possibly feel like chasing something that has the power to come to you?

The necessary steps have been taken, the requirements of your desires have been learnt and so, it will come. if you have done as much as you've could, there is nothing to do anymore, unless it needs you to do something.

Now it's time to turn nervousness in your delay, into excitement.

Let it all come togehter on it's own.

There are great gifts that life holds, for those who have patience after acknowledging they have done enough.

- Ace

Never give up.
There are different routes to the same destination.

7/04/2023 12:32 pm  #2

Re: AceWay123 - Patience

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