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2/01/2020 3:12 pm  #141

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

Hi everyone!

I sort of felt I should write up about things since I've noticed from other posts, here and on other forums that people often wonder what becomes of the people who have been able to fix things up. I've also been spending the last few months experimenting with my own ways to fix my problems from the inside. I've noticed a number of comments on this thread and I hope the journey I had documented has helped a few people. Here's a follow-up of what's being going on.

1) I switched completely to Neville Goddard's teaching. I mentioned in my last post that there had been some goof up on my end, because I had been able to fix the problem from outside and I was micro-managing each step - instead of focusing on the root of the issues I was manifesting texts and responses and trust me it can be a tiring process. Being happy 24*7 is not possible and honestly, you don't need to be in any form of "high vibration" to get what you want - if you set such conditions then yes because you make your own rules.

2) I've spent a lot of time understanding myself. You can lie to the entire world but be honest with yourself. Your desires are perfectly normal and acceptable but make sure they are truly what you desire. Forgive yourself for the screw-ups, don't punish yourself. If you want to cry for a day, cry, let it out. Pent up emotions are more problematic. Once you let yourself breathe you'll naturally start the process of healing and forgiving and the sooner you get there, the sooner you'll start believing in yourself and your power to control your reality. "Be angry but sin not".

3) In these few months, I've manifested so much and things keep getting better. I switched jobs again with a major hike in a huge corporate. Perfect working hours. Cheap travel. Empty seats beside me in flights. Free flight upgrades to business class (It's so funny, I actually hand my card out for an upgrade even though I know they'll say they're giving it to me for free lol). Gifts. Two high altitude Himalayan expeditions without spending a single day of my leaves. I made it to the summit despite everyone in the team thinking I would back out. I knew I would make it, so the bridge of incidents unfolded which resulted in me making it to the summit.

4) My man has asked me to marry him (yes, the same one who I have mentioned on this entire thread ) and I have said yes. There are still a few pain points here and there precisely because of my beliefs but I have seen it happen and I believe in it. So it shall pass. There is no slip. Irrespective of what steps I take or what happens on his side of things, all road lead to us becoming a happy man and wife with a fantastic life ahead together. There is no other way.

One thing I can tell you that kills manifestations are doubts. You have to shut up doubts. What do you have to lose? If it was critical the maximum that can happen is remain critical. It can never get worse, only gets better. Remove all possibilities of it getting worse. The minute you ask about hows and whys, you're adding doubts. The minute you start asking for proof, you are displaying a lack of faith. Start with small things, build up your confidence and keep pushing along. Fortune favors the bold. A year ago I started in the shittiest place possible and today I felt confident enough to drop a few pointers. Don't look for shortcuts. Do the work. Read Neville or the Secret or the Vortex or Joseph Murphy or whatever feels right to you. But have faith in it.

Hope this helps anyone with doubts about the events that occur after the success stories. Until next time!

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3/21/2020 11:03 am  #142

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

hello everyone,
i recently found out about loa. i just started the 25days challenge .cant wait to post my success story here soon.


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