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1/24/2020 8:23 am  #1

Entchanting success with SP :)

Hi all ...
Happy 2020 !
I knew am going to write here, but this is more charismatic han i thought.Β 
I didnt think of making him say sorry , teaching him a lesson.Β 
without hampering privacy , writting this.Β 

I learnt LOA, Neville. I saw changes within me , outside in my world. Self Love is the key.Β 
Unconditional love is trust, love. I am stunned seeing him reacted in all together diff way to same thing
about both of us. I didnt visualize this , it was a pleasant surprise!

1. When i repeated an act, i did few yrs bfr ... I was positive. I knew this is getting us closer.Β 
I didnt link this with past bad exp. I chose the path of least resistance , did what I felt.Β 
I enjoyed seeing his v cute mgt for me --- seeing am the 1st best Β 

2. Our story taught us lessons, we learnt. everyone's story is diff , giving you diff lessons to learn.Β 
dont compaire. listen to your inside**** when u r vibrating high ( not whn u angry and feel like beating him .. lol )

3. Forgive : do this exercise. secret - movie says : it releases psychiic energy and frees you and you then become more receiving mode for love that universe is giving you.Β 

it's self work and all are self work techniques. everyone is damaged upto some extent - less or more. so keep doing things , make yourself happy NOW.Β 


Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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1/24/2020 5:14 pm  #2

Re: Entchanting success with SP :)

Nice message, thank you :DΒ 


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