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1/20/2020 2:04 pm  #1

Did I just loose him? guidance

I been doing LOA since January. Since My ex just stopped talking to me after been together 2 years. The only time I contacted him was 2 weeks ago saying if he wants to get his speaker system back let me know. And I didnt hear anything. And today I done something stupid. I saw his car at work place and I texted him saying if he can come and talk to me. He never did. I been doing really well until today. But I think I just lost even the chance of getting him back. Any guidance is appreciated. I am still going to follow the LOA and guided meditations and hoping he will come back. This is so hard. feeling hopeless 


1/21/2020 3:24 am  #2

Re: Did I just loose him? guidance

I'm confused by your post. You have been "doing LOA since January" - it is January now. Do you mean you started this January, or January 2019? And your ex just stopped talking to you after being together two years - do you mean he ended the relationship but you were still in contact and he then stopped talking to you? Or he just ghosted you after two years? And are you using the speakers as an excuse to, er, speak to him? Why do you want someone back who just stopped speaking to you? Do you want answers?

Give us a bit of clarity and tell us what you want and why so we understand what your situation is. 

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1/21/2020 9:33 am  #3

Re: Did I just loose him? guidance

Sorry I think I didnt write it correctly. I been with my ex for 2 years.  we always have ups and downs. We were trying to work things out. However he stopped talking to me in december 31st. I was in so much pain, I didnt know what to do so I turned to meditation and then found LOA in January. So I been using no contact rule until mid january, until I decided to reach out for him. But he didnt reach back.  I still deeply love him. I guess I turned to LOA to be with him. I want us to work things out again, I wanted to see he will come back and work it out.  

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1/21/2020 1:52 pm  #4

Re: Did I just loose him? guidance

PrettyFlamingo wrote:

Why do you want someone back who just stopped speaking to you? 

I used to think that, too, before I learnt (the hard way) the truth of the concept of everybody being you pushed out.

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