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1/06/2020 6:52 pm  #1

New to This and Need help

In August
My wife cheated on me an the. Lest me for this person, we are a same sex couple and been together almost 7 years and married nearly two, I have struggled with the advice of you could never take her back want her back. She said some hurtful things but I know it is because she felt horrible for doing this. I want help to manifest her back into my life for the better. Her family still speak talk and love me and I still see them on occasions. I have not seen her for 3 months or been in contact.
I have been watching tour videos but getting confused on how to start with this journey. please help I want 2020 to be the year me and my wife live a happy and fruitful life


1/07/2020 6:15 am  #2

Re: New to This and Need help

Hi Allie,

I am moving this post to a more appropriate section of the board. This section is about Forum Guidelines (ie, questions on how to use the forum).

I agree with Cynthia's response.Β 

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