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12/07/2019 11:26 am  #1

New at this approach.

Hello Law of Attraction Community,

I both honored and relieved to have found this forum.
Like so many of you in this community, I'm a dreamer and find myself hopeful about the future. However, like you I often find myself overcome with doubt, fear and anxiety about about what lay ahead. More specifically, I have a Special Person in my life at this time whom I love deeply. It's been a whirlwind but yet loving relationship for almost the past year. Recently, my own anxiety and panic attacks have impacted our union. I have to admit, in my lifetime, I've never met anyone like her, she is someone whom I care for and want to always contribute to in a meaningful and positive manner. I guess, I'm seeking a conversation with you all or several forum members who know what's its like to manifest dreams, hopes and desires. I'd love to hear anecdotes and success stories as a guide to assist me in my journey. Instinctively, I know its possible to create a life based upon thoughts, energy and the power of the subconscious. At this time, I'mย  looking to strengthen my life in such a manner by where I can be at my best to love this beautiful soul I've been so blessed with and those others in my life who I consider important also. Looking forward to the discussion on all success stories and overall life altering tactics.ย 


12/08/2019 3:11 am  #2

Re: New at this approach.

Have moved this post as it was in an inappropriate section of the forum. Forum Rules are about forum etiquette.

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12/08/2019 9:46 am  #3

Re: New at this approach.

Thank you very much!
It's Sunday morning and my Love and I spoke briefly this morning!ย 
The Universe allowed us to speak for that moment and we agreed to touch base later on the day as she was on her way to see a good friend for coffee and work matters to complete.
I asked her how she was feeling today, she indicated that she was feeling good and it was good day so far.ย 
Prior to my call, I centered and aligned myself within my own vortex and purposely saw the beauty within me and the sunlight coming through my bedroom window and the warmth of my bed. I plan to start the day with a good breakfast, exercise, uplifting music and some exercise. I have to admit, today is a better day than yesterday with my initial post. I'm practicing only positive emotions, energy and intentions. A seed has been planted and know it will manifest in the re-blossoming of our love in its full potential. I want to be a spiritual being walking among the physical at this point only attracting the glorious manifestations of what has been set before me. I know the universe is only truth, I intend to follow the truth only. I feel very aligned this morning.

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12/09/2019 5:00 am  #4

Re: New at this approach.

Remember that things happen differently for different people, so success stories are limited in that respect, but are definitely motivating. What one person did may not be the same for someone else. I'd suggest you spend some time looking at Neville Goddard and his teachings. There is a Neville sub-board here, but you couldn't do much better than search, read and study posts by Cynthia who has posted some good links and told her own story several times.ย 

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

2/21/2022 11:51 pm  #5

Re: New at this approach.

Rexnfx is absolutely right...if you dont have a good amount of restraint, youre going to start buying things you may not even need.

Before someone else asks, how about showing us your new Z?


3/25/2022 3:17 am  #6

Re: New at this approach.

We lay for another twenty minutes and suddenly Anton, seeing that the member had taken on a combat state again, got up and turned my booty to the door of the compartment and lifted my ass. I lifted her by bending my legs and he ran his finger into the still leaking pussy. I was informed in anticipation of the entry of a member again into me and trying to go to a meeting for a deeper entry. When he turned me around and put me on my knees. He abruptly thrust it into my ass and I was on the verge of an orgasm from one first movement.
Oh, Irka, I'll get it, I'll **** you! So Iโ€™ll keep going, youโ€™ll tell your grandchildren.
I began to avoid sexual intercourse. I experienced the first orgasm in my last year with a teacher. I needed a five, and his wife went to her parents for a week. All this week we had sex with him at his home, in a cozy home environment, in the marital bed. With him, I understood why women have sex. Thanks to driving, I began to appreciate sex more, learned to have an orgasm even in a car, realized how nice it is to take off my panties in front of a new partner, to experience new sensations when you are probed by an unfamiliar dick. I have few joys, so I continued this study. But you're right, driving lessons are no longer needed and will not be. I already drive well.
- Thank you, you hit me in the eye! Couldn't have been more careful? she said outrageously.
Ahah, well, you'd be kind enough to prepare for my classes.
Dima. She whispered softly. What are you waiting for? Insert your dick into me already.
โ€œNow I will unbutton her, lower my pants and it turns out that she is the most ordinary girl!โ€ At that moment, I caught myself thinking that after all, Anya really doesnโ€™t have any signs at all, hinting at the fact that she has something between her legs. I honestly didnโ€™t pay attention to the Adamโ€™s apple, whether it exists or not, donโ€™t look right now!
I told him that my mouth was a little tired and he lifted me up, turned my back to him, pulled out the cork and put a member to my flowing and oiled hole. He entered slowly, only at the end he sharply drove him to failure. I screamed out in pain. He apologized and froze, without moving, began to caress my neck and back. I relaxed to the end. He began to slowly move in me. He went out halfway and again quietly drove him back. After a while, I myself, without noticing it, planted myself on his penis. And he hit me harder and harder. Feelings were great. There are no words to describe how good I felt. My legs just gave way and if I had not rested against a tree, I would have fallen a long time ago. From his frictions inside it became warmer and warmer, I realized that I was about to finish and I started to finish. This orgasm was not like what happens after sex or just jerking off, this orgasm was a hundred times stronger. My sperm slowly flowed out in a thick trickle from my not erect penis, and the heat inside spilled even more. I just felt like I was about to lose consciousness, it hit me so hard. But then he stopped hammering me, came out of me and approached in front, pressed on my shoulders and again his cock entered my mouth. I couldnโ€™t do anything anymore, my strength left me and all he had to do was just **** my mouth, plant my head as he pleases. Drive him up to the very balls and beat him in the face. At that very moment, I felt like a ****, a downed whore, a nipple that you can always and everywhere. But I got high. I felt so good that if someone saw us at that moment and even recognized me, I would not care. That's how good it was for me.
My hands had already found his penis and grabbed it very gently, but I didnโ€™t want him to finish just like that and so quickly. I sat down in front of him on a chair and began to suck on this beautiful head. His groans let me know what he appreciated, which encouraged me to continue. I greedily swallowed it and tongue licked all sides of the penis to the root. The balls were huge and despite the hair I was swallowing and sucking until his moans became stronger.


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