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11/22/2019 1:11 am  #1

Manifesting my POI

I’ve been using manifesting techniques for about six months and a month ago my Person of Interest proposed  to someone else. The video was posted on Facebook, I don’t look at her sites on any  social media but someone told me. I was also told that the chemistry was off, that it was hard to watch etc. etc. I know she had begged me to let her propose to me instead of me her.  I’m not sure how important the details are, she didn’t get down on one knee, it was not a romantic proposal by any means. Nevertheless it is extremely painful. This may just be part of what needs to happen for her to realize that I’m the prize.  But it’s very hard to manifest right now because the fear tries to creep in.  There’s a part of me that feels this is a positive sign because this is the last ditch effort in her twin flame running problem. But I’m still human. Any suggestions?  All I get from friends is you’ve got to find somebody else and she will come back running. That’s easier said than done!


11/22/2019 2:54 am  #2

Re: Manifesting my POI

I have moved this post to a more appropriate area. It doesn't belong in "Please Read Before Posting"!

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