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11/11/2019 9:11 am  #1

Recording my LOA journey

Hey everyone! I'm going to start a recording for my LOA journey. Since I'm new to LOA, this will definitely have bumps but I am confident that I'll be able to go through it. Especially when I'm recording from day to day basis!


11/11/2019 9:18 am  #2

Re: Recording my LOA journey

DAY 0: Sudden Urge & New Beginnings

I have joined a chat group of Ex No Contact. The moment I joined them I was in the early stages of grief and self-blame. I did not regret joining the group, they helped calming me down and I always appreciate the company. I was looking up on what to do about my grief, feelings, everything. Alas, I came across a post regarding getting your ex back.

It's not about getting the ex back that made me want to know more about LOA, but the fact that the unconditional love was one of the things s/he did. I always had the feeling of immense love, one filled with understanding and calmness, with my SP. Not like the other guys I have dated before him.

So I started, with simple steps of researching and understanding Law of Attraction!

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11/11/2019 9:23 am  #3

Re: Recording my LOA journey

DAY 1: Woke up early??

After so many weeks, I was finally able to wake up earlier. I'm thankful. After trying out meditation and a little bit of help from several guided meditation, I actually felt great as I woke up. Feeling confident and relieved.

I also did meditation on sending love towards my SP. Even looking at his pictures and the memories we have shared made me smile! It was a refreshing feeling. It felt as if we were together again. I want to take it slow and steady, especially towards myself since I know my whole heart and soul needs some proper self-loving and recuperation.

Looking forward to the next day.

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11/11/2019 9:32 am  #4

Re: Recording my LOA journey

DAY 2: Restlessness

I was having a hard time sleeping, especially with the migraine I've been having, it was odd. But I didn't let it drag me down. I took a break from meditation and decided to rest my head. Eventually I was able to sleep.

I felt doubtful. I felt the doubt creeping in my veins. It must be the period. I managed to calm myself down with breathing and let the thoughts pass. Seeing 11-11 reminded me of the time when I was with him. I always saw those signs, it felt liberating and amazing. I saw it beforehand too but not as frequent a when I was with him.

Planning to take a rest and wake up early for a nice run!

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11/12/2019 10:22 am  #5

Re: Recording my LOA journey

DAY 3: Surprise Manifestation

I've been working on a mental diet and water fasting at the same time. I've been doing a self-tarot reading and learned that I've been doing a mental rest for far too long, which is true. I would ignore this sign during any normal day but since I've decided to live my life positively and see life in a different way, it felt like a sign to me. So I ended up applying to various available jobs and leave it as that.

I suddenly got a text from a company that saw my application right in the afternoon and also another one hours later! It was surprising and uplifting! Especially when they want to see me tomorrow.

As for my manifestation for my loved one: I've been sending love and whispers towards him. Trying to send unconditional love as much as I can. I've been looking through the pictures I have of him and it brought me nothing but love and happiness.
Everyday gets better.


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11/13/2019 9:37 am  #6

Re: Recording my LOA journey

DAY 4: Tears and Realisation

Interview went well! I'm quite happy to go out and able to relax while driving. However, before I slept, I was sobbing realizing that I need to let go for it to manifest. Which is understandable. I knew I had to let it go but my heart was hesitant. I was listening to some videos that explains about the art of letting go which gave me relief.

It is also the 2nd day of water fasting. I would want to improve myself spiritually and emotionally. At the moment day is going well and I'm looking forward to my water fasting.

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11/14/2019 10:30 am  #7

Re: Recording my LOA journey

DAY 5: Vivid Dreams and Relaxation

Although my job interview was rejected, after being informed that if I'm not contacted by today I would be rejected, I didn't feel down about it since another job interview will come up in a few days!

Been doing tarot readings lately and felt at ease whenever I do them, which helps in giving the positive feelings. It also kept me in check that not all things come in few days prior.

Before I sleep, I will definitely do some whispering and unconditional love techniques since it resonates with me more so than direct affirmation. Giving love feels more genuine and heartwarming to both sides!

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