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10/17/2019 1:02 pm  #1

Do not know where this really fits honestly.


  I decided to journal my one true love, I was as specific as I could be about the type of person,but left physical characteristics out of it..
 2 days later about a month or so ago, BOOM there she was.
 I have done intensive work on myself and realized I had been attracting the best the Universe could do at the time for me as I was not vibtrationally ready for my One true love, which is all I ever wanted in my life.
 She is close to my age, has 2 daughters and is in Nursing school said she was very busy would talk when she could etc, but that took off to where we texted, talked sent pics messaged and talked on the phone constantly.
 She ticks every box off I detailed in my journal entries.  And she was equal in affection etc, I did was for once not doing all the work, same sens of humor, affection, what we wanted out of life, affection levels all of it, I got exactly what I asked for without a specific person in mind, I literally scripted her down to the detail.!!!

 After weeks of this whirl wind, she wanted to come to see me in November, but last week around Sunday she started to drop off...
 I asked her.
 She said her energy is just way off and she does not know what she wants, if she has the energy for a relationship and long distance etc, which we both had said before distance means nothing and I was not married to being in Nevada, her in OR.
 She wanted to "ease back a bit'...
 I told her I understood, we just have such chemistry and so compatible etc, she is vibrationally wonderful I can feel her,  It was a nice conversation etc, she was not kicking me to the curb etc..
  We were still all over each others FB posts, lagging interacting etc. liking, loving posts  etc.. like we did before...
 Out of the blue when she was at school I got a text about 9.30 AM a gif of getting blown a kiss, I said right back at you babe and emoji kissed back.... later got a smiling emoji surrounded by hearts... I was very happy, still am..
 Today still lots of FB activity I am,and I told her I would give her space etc, but I am scripting turning this back to move forward in love..

    I asked the universe for no particular person, and got her all that I could ever ask for.
 The only thing I am confused by is that this does not fit the ' GEt your ex back" 
 We still have contact on line, she still sends random texts that are affectionate etc.
 I know she is into me, cares for me has great affection for me etc, so it is not like I got dumped and am looking to reverse that,  I just can not see 2 people so compatible after hours long conversations, intimate talk etc to let that go.. I asked I received!
 This just does not seem to fit the usual, got dumped ghosted want them back etc, contact still strong, affection still there in a way etc, just texts slowed way down etc, and I know there is no one else etc.

 I am giving her space and not texting and letting her come to me, but fb interaction has not changed.

 How do I move forward?
 I know I am the God of my own reality etc, I have proven that to myself, I know she cares for me a great deal..
 Like I said no blocking, ghosting or cutting off of any kind and there is still affection in interactions there.
 She is super busy in her life I know that, she is a hard worker for school and her kids etc.
 I just know how beautiful we are together, she was on board too.

 I am just trying to wrap my head around getting exactly who I asked for as a person, then this?
 I know this is "fixable" totally and have scripted that she does indeed want to be with me, cares about me and recognizes that she is my soul mate, we even talked about that very thing.

Thank you all !!

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10/17/2019 4:16 pm  #2

Re: Do not know where this really fits honestly.

I'm confused because there's so much in this post.

Who is the train wreck woman?

Who is the one who's "super busy" with kids and school? Are these two separate people?

And which is the one you gave up everything for? What did you give up? When you spent the weekend with this person had you ever met in real life?

There's so much packed in this story I can't really get my head around it all.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

10/17/2019 5:09 pm  #3

Re: Do not know where this really fits honestly.

So much info in my head sorry.. i Will edit it down to pertinent..

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