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9/26/2019 12:14 am  #1

Series of successes

So yeah, I'm not using my older thread anymore because that heading is from a different era and a different version of me.

Long story short, last Sunday I went on an affirmation rampage, emotionally charged instantaneous one. Precisely I felt angry at myself for succumbing to my fears and I wanted to break free. I yelled out everything I demanded and I said I don't care what it takes to make it happen. Then I cried. It was a raw emotional experience where I felt the honesty in every word I uttered. Within 12 hours I started seeing changes in everything around me. My distant colleagues are all over me now. My manager and CEO might start praising me for breathing and coming to work now lol ( not sarcasm, they're literally praising me for random things now! ). In my heavily traffic logged area where it was near impossible to catch cheap cabs, I get my transport in minutes now. The fears have melted away. Not even once did I ever feel any one them again.

With my man, I did something recently that could be considered to be messing in the middle. I personally don't care because of my emotional state before and after. I honestly feel it was the last part of the bridge of incidents and now I am ready to receive it.

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10/04/2019 1:08 pm  #2

Re: Series of successes

Major level job success. Fixed my job in an MNC in 12 hours which is near impossible in my country. With a huge hike. Stumbled upon my journal I made in April of this year where I stated I'd earn a certain number by October. I had forgotten about the month. Guess which month it is! Guess the salary - the EXACT number!  Last - I've noticed general relationships in my company becoming amazing where now I have friends here! The hostile environment is super friendly! My old SP has been texting me everyday since the last 5 days and my mind says my husband is putting up a major fight. I'm going to persist till I nullify every other possibility from existence and the only one option left is the one I desire. In everything. Whatever I desire exists and it's already mine, else I wouldn't desire it in the first place.

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