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9/24/2019 11:10 am  #1

I manifested my man back. We are together forever

Before starting my story I would like express my gratitude to Veronica, Agnes , Neville and Universe that they helped me in achieving what I wanted. Thank you. I am so grateful that I got my man back and we are so happy together.
Okay , so I manifested him months ago but did not post it because I was busy. But I thought I should post it because it might help someone who needs motivation because when i was manifesting i loved success stories.So here I go......
Me and my partner broke up because i cheated on me. I had no intention to do so but some how it happened.(Mainly because at that time I did not realize that I loved him so much). But as it said you realize the worth of something when you loose it. He broke up with me in March 2018. If I say I was devastated it would be a small word for what i was going through. I was suicidal , i was continuously begging him, contacting his friends for help and what not ? For about august I was like this. I did a lot of research on how to get your ex back but nothing worked. In all my searches about how to get back there was a common technique no contact rule so I thought i should do it . Because making contact was also making him angry . I was totally hopeless and confused because he turned into such a heartless person. Anyway so I did no contact for about August. I wished him on his birthday to which he did not reply.Β  I had lost all the hopes to get him back but still i wanted him back.Β 
One day randomly i was searching something and i came across concept of Karma which is you get what you give . So i searched meditation on youtube to radiate love to someone and there I saw Agnes Viverelli. There i was introduced to concept of Law of Attraction. I began practicing it . I did meditations, whispering techniques and radiating love. In the beginning it was hard to believe but had nothing to loose so did it anyway. In my college he met some other girl so I was really anxious about it . I went to her i had no intentions because i did not know anything at that time. But he thought that i was trying to do something over there so he came to fight with me. This was first he came to talk to me even though were fighting ,I saw it as bridge of events even that girl. After the fight there was some moments of peace and we decided to part ways peacefully. I was really hopeless and anxious after that but I persisted. I started doing scripting. There were two people on this forum who helped me a lot Cynthia and Imagination.Β I totally ignored my current reality and only put my focus on what i wanted. Sometimes i imagined myself with him open eyed sitting in a cafe and getting cozy . From November 2018 last things started to speed up. I wasn't needy and began being happy and was focusing on my studies.Then I began doing RS technique, I did it for my own pleasure . Its like masturbation. At that time I also started with neville's teachings . That's when things really started working.
On December 30 2018, he told me that he wanted to talk to me and I went to the place where he called me and we end up kissing. In beginning he was doubtful but gradually he everything fell into place . We came to a point where he begged me to be his gf. lol. Now we are really happy together and he says he cant live without me and his all eyes is only on me and none. He does whatever I tell him to do. I am so grateful for all of that.
So my advice is that be persistent in spite of current reality and keep imagining your desire. If anyone needs any help I would be happy to help . I might not come here frequently so you can contact me through my email which is and my instagram id is thewanderingbookbug
Love and GratefulΒ Β 


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10/06/2019 3:30 pm  #2

Re: I manifested my man back. We are together forever

thank you for share your experience :DΒ 


10/08/2019 1:06 am  #3

Re: I manifested my man back. We are together forever

Much love

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