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8/23/2019 2:59 am  #1

Does LOA have any limits, like against the natural rules?

Does LOA have any limits, like against the natural rules?

Hello everyone,
I am very new to LOA and this Forum, and I have many questions about many things.
My questions can be quite different and WEIRD!
I believe I'm not the only one who has these questions, but I used the search function and didn't find any related result (maybe it's because I'm not good at searching things).
So here we go.

โ€‹1. People say nothing is impossible, but is there any limits that can't be achieved?
Like if I want the sun to rise from the north and set from the south, is it possible?
(I'm happy with the current fact that sun rise from the east and fall from the west, it's just and example to make my question more clearly.)
And if I want to bring my grandma back to life, is it possible?
Or if anyone want to be immortal, staying alive forever, is it possible to use LOA and the personal will to achieve?

2. Is it possible to use LOA to have the super power?
I've always wanted to have the super power of teleport, and travel without time and space limit. Is it possible to achieve?
And I wonder if anyone already achieved this? If so, please let me know and better to show me the prove so that I can have a stronger faith.

3. If the thing I'm manifesting is not VERY POSITIVE, is it still possible to be true?
I know that we attract everything, even the bad things like breakup and stuffs, but if I want to attract things like "I want him to beg for me because that's what I deserve", does the universe will give me that?
I remember Veronica (or maybe some other Youtuber) said something about "if you want to manifest to kill someone, then it might not happen because it's not positive."
And I wonder what counted as negative? Everyone can have different definition of negative, and one same thing can be positive for some people but negative to some other people.

4. Do people attract accidents?
Like people who got into car accidents, being raped, cancer and illness, plane crash, etc.
If someone who'd been through any of it once, and they might have shadows and attract the similar things in the future, but what about their first time been through this?
Some people got raped because they didn't expect they would be raped, and they probably didn't even think of the possibility, do they also attract that?

Sorry for the long posts and questions.
I hope some people will reply and discuss :D
Have a good day / night, everyone!

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โ˜… If everything that can happen, happens. Then we can never really do the wrong thing. We're just doing what we're supposed to. ๐Ÿˆ
โ˜† Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened. ๐ŸŒŸ Learn to let go and be clear of where you really want to head for.ย ๐Ÿฆ„
โ˜…ๆ“ๆœ‰็š„้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅƒฅๅ€–๏ผŒๅคฑๅŽป็š„้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅฎฟๅ‘ฝใ€‚๐Ÿ”ฎ ็œ‹ๆธ…ไบ†ๅฐฑ็œ‹่ผ•ไบ†ใ€‚ๆ™‚้–“่ฎ“ๆทฑ็š„ๆ›ดๆทฑ๏ผŒๆทบ็š„ๆ›ดๆทบใ€‚๐Ÿ’ƒ

8/27/2019 4:36 am  #2

Re: Does LOA have any limits, like against the natural rules?

I would suggest having a good read of Neville Goddard's teachings.ย 

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