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8/15/2019 10:30 am  #1

Should I give up manifesting my specific person?

I started reading about Law of attraction about a month ago. 
I know this guy for more than a year and we were really close before, we were getting along really well and I felt happy spending time with him. We know each other only in internet though. So he wanted to be with me, he always showed me that he likes me, he flirted and gave me a lot of attention. He told me to come to him and also to marry him. But at that moment I could not be with him, I was still in my not happy marriage, I didn't want to take fast decision, even though now i understand I had to divorce long before i met that guy.
So I kept him waiting and one day, eventually he said he met another girl, he said he likes her a lot and they are getting along really well. It was a big shock for me, coz by that time I already fell in love with him and I realized i made a mistake by not agreeing when he wanted to be with me. I started to act needy and clingy, I was asking him for another chance, I was telling him how great we can be together etc. But he said he doesn't want to hurt that girl and it's too late. I stopped talking to him for a while, after a week he talked to me, telling that they had a fight and I said I wish them to be fine. After some time he came back again, flirting with me, having a videocall with me and clearly showing that he wants me. I was so happy, thinking that he finally wants to be with me. But the next day he acted cold and said he is sorry to talk that way to me and he should not do it.
I decided its enough and i stopped talking to him, deleted him from social media. Thats the time when i started to practice the Law of attraction. I was imagining us together, visualizing. I became more positive, I was trying to give out love, being nice to people.
So after a month of no contact he wrote to me, saying "hi, how are you". We talked and had a videocall again and he was flirting with me again, but I felt he is careful this time. Next days were just okay, I talked to him and he was answering, he was nice to me, giving me compliments sometimes.
I started to hope again, I thought that we are slowly getting back together and that all my visualization and positive thinking worked. I still believe that is what helped him to contact me after a month. I forgot to say that he added me back in social media. 
So today I opened whatsapp and i saw in his story lyrics from the love song and a hashtag saying #theloveofmylife
It broke my heart, coz i understand it is about that girl and that he loves her, at least thats the conclusion i made when i saw those words. I lost my hope, I feel terrible and I realize i should not, I should keep giving out love and stay positive no matter what. I should not let anyone make me feel like this.
But now I don't know if I even should keep visualizing him or should I just give up on him and let go? I want him to be happy, I still love him but I don't want to suffer. And I think it will be hard for me now to imagine us together while I know he is in love with someone else.
Sorry for a long message, but I really need a good advice.


8/20/2019 11:51 am  #2

Re: Should I give up manifesting my specific person?


It makes me feel sad that you have had to go through these ups and downs. I don't think you have been treated fairly by him and you deserve his full commitment . Don't blame yourself as this only serves to make you upset and you don't deserve that. 

I have similar feelings about my specific person. I feel like I deserve better than the behaviour I get and its easy to blame myself as loa people say you create it. I suppose it all comes down to what you expect to get. Part of me cant believe he will ever make a move but I still hold on.

Ultimately I would give him space, more for you sake and see what happens. Time will tell. I would focus on building your confidence up. You deserve happiness. Never forget that. I know you're probably reading this, wanting him in your life but if you build yourself up and list all the great things about yourself and recognise your worth and beauty, good things will come to you. I hope this helps. Don't accept behaviour that makes you unhappy. 


8/20/2019 4:49 pm  #3

Re: Should I give up manifesting my specific person?

Thank you for nice words That's what I am doing - giving him and me space. I let it go. Before I would start a conversation, I would do my best to sound interesting to him, but not now...I completely let him go, I respect myself now. Unless he truly and for good wants to be with me I will just keep my distance.
I have been visualizing our future together, it made me feel happy. Of course I have my doubts, but as i said - I just let the situation go and I will be happy no matter what.
I think you should do the same :D Coz we deserve the best, right?

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