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8/15/2019 7:26 am  #1


Hello, I'm trying to manifest my ex boyfriend back. I have no doubt that he is the one for me and I have no doubt that law of attraction and manifesting works. I visualize, i believe its's possible and then i remove resistance and am able to let it go. (I still think about my desire but I don't need it to be content with my life as it is now) My ex and I met through a group of mutual friends and we were together for a year and 4 months when he suddenly told me he didn't love me anymore. I accepted the break up and now I realized I created that outcome. Now I want him back and I have no problem visualizing and feeling it, even detachment is okay for me but the problem now is, I have this gnawing urge to contact him, to talk to him, even though I know that everything will turn out okay and I don't have to do anything. Help!! I'm conflicted with what I am supposed to do.Β 

Also, whenever I'm at peace and happy during the day, I have this bad feeling in my chest randomly, even though I know my manifestation is totally possible and I'm okay without it, I still have the feeling and I can't pinpoint exactly why I feel this way either.

If anyone is willing to talk to me one on one to help me through this, do leave a reply!! Thank youu


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