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8/11/2019 8:48 am  #1

Advice needed!

So here is my situation...
I met this guy a few months ago and we started messaging and I really liked him he was quite surprised I liked him and kept saying things like 'I just can't believe some one like you would be interested in me' and really put me on a pedestal. Before we decided to meet up, he told me that he had recently been in contact with his ex gf (she lives 200 miles away from him) and they had plans to meet up in the following few weeks with a group of people with the possibility of giving things a go long distance. He told me in case I decided I didn't want to meet him under the circumstances. We did meet up and we had amazing chemistry ect but he met with his ex and they said they would give it one last go long distance so we couldn't continue to get to know one another. He said he was devastated as he is 'ridiculously attracted to me' in his words. So this is when I started to do the 25 day challenge- I really felt like he was something special and we'd really be good together. 5 days into the challenge he contacted me saying he thinks about me every night and he feels guilty on this other girl because he doesn't want to hurt her. The next night we met up and I haven't had any contact from him for two days. I know hes trying to do the right thing but what do I do now to manifest the relationship (dating) I imagine it could be like with him. Is it bad to want to manifest this when it could hurt this other girl?Β 


8/14/2019 6:49 am  #2

Re: Advice needed!

I think you should manifest a relationship with him and stop thinking at anything else.
If you want to be with him than visualize the end result: being already in a relationship with him, a normal day in your new life Β as his girlfriend. If that was true ...this other party is not on your mind at all.
My advice is to stop thinking about her completely, unless you want to attract more of her in your life.
The Universe will find a way so that all parties involved are ok


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