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8/11/2019 4:30 am  #1

Dilemma with Alignment

Hello all,
I listen to Abraham almost daily and at some point Ester or rather Abraham says that is something frustrates you , your are not in alignment.
The thing is I'm usually happy and relaxed but I have a 5 months old German Shepherd puppy that doesn't eat. So I usually cook for him every morning and hand feed him most mornings. As you can imagine we make a mess and it takes a long time for him to finish his meal.
Most of the time I laugh and I'm relaxed but there are some mornings , like today when him not eating really frustrates me.Β And IΒ  don't really get why , because I woke in a good mood, it's a Sunday so it's a lazy day.

He is really spoiled and I insists he eats because he is still growing up and he should eat. So, this morning I kind of yelled at him to eat and put him in time out as in he is not allowed on the sofa until he finishes his food.
I was wondering if I'm frustrated today because I'm not in alignment ? Abraham would say yes to this , I know
And I do feel bad for scolded him but he is very spoiled and he has to eat by himself and he has to eat to grow up.
So how do I find balance between being in alignment and not spoil him so much and make him eat by himself daily not just sometimes?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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