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7/29/2019 3:07 pm  #1

Desiring what you already have, unconditional alignment etc

I just realised recently that I have been mistaking complacency with alignment. I know that anything is possible, and I believe beyond a 100% in all my desires and know that it is done and that I am guaranteed to get it. I also know that I don't really 'need' anything and that it is possible for things to be great no matter what. However, this puts me in a state of absolutely no excitement or friskiness for anything. I could think of how I am totally going to be with my sp and feel nothing and this kind of mentality makes me feel like life is boring. Happily ever after seems more like bored ever after. (Btw I am only using my sp as an example to emphatically demonstrate my point. I feel this way about everything, and not saying my poor guy is boring, far from it )

Now yesterday I tried to feel better deliberately before sleep, and was able to tap into this feeling of zest for life and excitement at just existing and feeling alive. It was addictively good. I managed to desire things I already have (both physically and vibrationally) which seems to be the key to unconditional alignment, but finding it a little difficult today.

This reminds me of something Abraham said about a woman who said she no longer wants something because she already has it. Abe then said they want us to desire things even after we manifest them and to not confuse 'desire' with a lackful yearning for things we feel we don't have.

Anyone here manage to have unconditional alignment? How do you do it? How does it feel? How do you sustain it? Anyone been in a similar situation and got over it? Let's hear it all


7/31/2019 8:19 am  #2

Re: Desiring what you already have, unconditional alignment etc

I just received another insight that completely changes the topic. I realise I don't actually believe in my desires as much as I think - I just know things are done from an intellectual place; I don't feel it and hence the dull response. I realised this when today I thought of taking action instead of manifesting something and felt relief and excitement. This shows I think of manifesting as some difficult unpleasant chore, while action seems doable and believable. Huh. I am so surprised at myself!

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