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7/24/2019 12:33 pm  #1

Scorcher of a day but another post written.Enjoying the weather <3

Hi all. Wow it's a scorcher today over here in the SE UK. I have had an amazing day, just sitting in the garden, in the shade most of the day and achieving things that I wanted to achieve,I have given a Buddha a new lease of life, and I have finished another blog post. Been writing this time, and putting together 7 law of attraction questions and answers that are often asked.Another interesting write to do.If you want a read pm me or pop to my page. I am not spamming links in here. Thanks πŸ“·=0pxSo scorchio here. Topping 40c here at one point this afternoon, and that's just what I saw.Had lots of fun earlier reading my news feed. We are a bunch of typical Brits at times. Moaning about the good old British weather haha. it's too hot/cold/wet/dry/snowy/windy/humid/icy etc etc.Me, personally I love the British weather and whatever it brings us. The best thing with this weather is a few hot scorchio days, followed by decent thunderstorms to break it down again..We have the weather warning, and I am a teeny bit excitedWell hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you may be =0px<3

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