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7/02/2019 11:43 am  #1

Comparison, competition and wanting to be the best

Hi all,

I know that the idea of competition is an illusion; there is no shortage and the resources of the Universe are infinite. I know that there is only us - the Universe - and there isn't any other being or power to take things away from us.

However, what if my desire is to be the best at something. Maybe I want to be the best student in my class or my university for instance. Is it wrong/illogical to have such a desire to be 'better' than others or be 'special' if we are all one?

I want to be someone who happily uplifts others rather than one who feels threatened by other's achievements, but at the same time I still want to be the 'best' at whatever I do. How do I reconcile all these ideas?

Thanks in advance for the responses!


7/02/2019 1:59 pm  #2

Re: Comparison, competition and wanting to be the best

You have the ability to manifest anything you can think of or imagine, so yes you can manifest the experience of being β€˜the best’ in whatever situation you want. You are here to command your reality and create whatever experience you want to. Whatever you want is valid.


7/03/2019 4:22 am  #3

Re: Comparison, competition and wanting to be the best

Hi Fizzy, thank you! It's good to hear that. I see now that it is the same as manifesting anything else. I am manifesting a SP too and I know it's done, and therefore neither pay attention to nor get upset at any physical 'evidence' to the contrary. Similarly, I can take for granted that I am the best in my class (or whatever else) and not be swayed by what happens around me.

I also came across this idea from an old post in another forum that no one else really has the same exact desire as we do - not in the same way we want it, for the same reasons. That also really helped dispel the idea of competition - that no one's really out there trying to take anything from me. We are all non-physical energy beings working towards our own very unique special goals.

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