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6/30/2019 4:31 pm  #1

How to stop reacting to whatever it seems the opposite to my End Resu?

So I’m trying to manifest SP, but my SP says that doesn’t want a relationship at this moment, and tells me to take it slow, and stuff, but clearly he has feelings for me.

I stopped messing with the middle which was like first of all obsessing about SP doing excessive meditations, affirmations, letting go and also sending love, trying to manifest text messages,  dates, hanging out, sex, dinners etc etc with my SP. which all of them manifested initially, but then stopped working, and didn’t know why until I read about Neville Goddard. I was messing and intervening with the middle. Apparently we all need to know, care, think, visualize and feel is the End Result, nothing else.

I stopped texting SP, and let go as he was on a family trip vacation. And during this time of no contact I started doing this visualizing only the End Result, and SP started to text again and being more communicative with me, even calling on phone, yesterday he told me he wanted to see me soon, and that he brought me something from his trip because he thought of me a lot when he was over there and because he realized how important I’m in his life and how much I have cared for him, lastly just before hanging up he told me “send you a big kiss”, he never says those things. I was surprised, and knew I’m aligned to my desire.

I think what I experienced this morning could be just a bridge of incidents, how not to react negatively to these?

Just this morning I received a good morning message from him, and then asked me how I was doing etc etc. Then he told me that he’s planning to go Mexico next month to just take a look around a University of Medicine over there because apparently is very good school, and asked me for my opinion, I just told him to do what he thought was good for him, but inside I was reacting at this kinda getting upset/angry/disappointed/sad. I’m like thinking lots of things ok “I control my own reality” “there’ll be a better guy for me”,  “I already know how this ends, he ends up being with me anyway”. Putting some factual logic here it’s not like he’s going away already as he’s only considering not deciding yet.

Still I reacted, I would like to get more control, cause I know and feel when I visualize my End Result. I live truly and vivid in that parallel reality I desire.

Any advice?


7/01/2019 4:39 am  #2

Re: How to stop reacting to whatever it seems the opposite to my End Resu?

Just stay focused on your end result. It seems like you have a pretty good grasp on what you need to do in order to manifest what you want. Regardless of whether or not he decides to attend that school, if you stay focused on your end, you WILL get what you want with him. This could all play out in several different ways. He could decide against the school, he could go but be interested in only you (so like a long distance relationship situation for the time being), something could happen in your life that makes it super ideal and appealing for you to make the move with him.... and I’m sure there are other ways that this could play out that we aren’t even aware of. No matter what happens, you are always in control and can always create being with him.


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