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6/16/2019 8:41 am  #121

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

Just one tiny update. It's very easy to slip down the old pattern of thought once it manifests because we feel that now that it's done there's no need to continue with the work.

I missed out on the SATS and setting intentions part and I could visibly see the difference in my own attitude and quite obviously his. Everything is okay but knowing what I know, I believe I have to keep working on removing the old version of myself from the root.

The work needs to be done everyday. There's impermanence in everything, the bad things and the good things and if playing a game and keeping score is something that makes the impossible, possible, I'll do it.

Also I'll be updating the game now to suit my current situation.


6/24/2019 11:49 am  #122

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

So I had slightly fallen behind with my mental diet game and quite obviously, I saw the change. Started again and within hours I noticed him change as well .

Starting with phase 2 of the game. Specific person is supposedly one of the harder things to manifest but that's going pretty darn good. In phase 2 I intend to make my life easier, in general. My city is quite famous in the country because of its painful traffic. The route I travel to work generally takes 1.5 hours during office hours. Today I covered it in 40 minutes, both ways. The minute I encountered a traffic jam, I imagined the road being clear and the vehicle moving. Kept doing it till I wasn't even bothered anymore. When I reached my destination, I noticed even the driver was quite shocked lol.

Second, I need to shift closer to my place of work. Not need, I want to. I initally intended to join a place of work that clears our logistic issues ( this way is before I got him back) and somehow this one worked out. Current he needs 2 hours to reach my place. With my new job location, we are going to minutes apart! I had a particular kind of apartment in mind. Huge balconies, well lit, preferably a higher floor, at a walking distance from my place of work etc. I saw it today, the minute I saw the apartment my mind went "this is it". I searched for apartments, yes, available on the higher floors but way above my budget. The cheapest one was in 4th floor and I was willing to stretch it a bit and take it at first, but when I called the agent, he said it was gone.

My mind tells me a different story. My mind tells me, I'll get an apartment in that society itself, in the 3rd or 4th floor (there are higher floors but for now I'll stick to 3rd and 4th, my first passed away by falling from the 9th floor and I don't want my fears acting up again... I'll work in it, he'd want me to get over it too, but yes, I'm also learning this so pretty soon I'll be able to do revise my entire past), for a much reasonable rent and in a perfectly good condition. Maybe someone I know will help, maybe the owner needs a tenant quickly, maybe they're just plain good people... A good back reason too for the cheaper rent ( I control my story so, why should I limit it )

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8/15/2019 11:19 am  #123

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

I am so happy to know that you finally are back with your man, thank you for inspiring people like me ))
Today I kinda lost hope, but I need to get myself together and you are one of the people who help me in that. Thank you  and I wish you happiness


8/15/2019 11:42 am  #124

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

I'm glad this helped. I deliberately documented that phase because I knew I could work it out and I hoped it would help someone else who's stuck in the middle. All the best to you. Looking forward to reading your success story!

The rest of my story is work in progress. Not sharing daily updates here because I do have a set timeline in my mind for the wedding, I'll get back when it's finally done.

PS - He has said he does want to marry me and I've told him I do too ( but where we belong, there are other constraints that need to be taken care of so we are in that phase, can get tight but hey, this is the same guy who had blocked me in April lol )

PPS - I'm typing this from the apartment I mentioned in my previous post. 5th floor. Turns out there's a net, no risk of falling. Can see my office from here.

PPPS - I'm switching jobs again. I knew something was off when I fell short of my initial pay target I had set in my SATS. Now it makes sense lol

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8/15/2019 11:54 am  #125

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

It is amazing how dedicated you are! I think it is a secret to get the things you want, I think too many people give up when they don't get those things fast. I am one of those people with no patience, but I really want to be with my man, I love him and I believe we belong together. I will try to stay positive and love myself. 
Is there any video or book or resource that made you believe that everything is possible? Something inspiring, because right now I am disappointed and I would like to get my faith back


8/15/2019 12:11 pm  #126

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

I've read a lot of books - had read the secret long back, then went with the vortex, then the power, then Abraham Hicks LOA, then conversation with God series then Srini Pillay's books to get a more scientific approach, then a large number of research papers lol. Finally I found Neville Goddard's books. By the time I've been though those, I had already gotten an understanding of everything. But I loved Neville because he puts no limitations. He puts you in a state where you don't need to depend on anything or anyone external. But finally what worked for me is experimenting.

You can read and watch videos as much as you want. Rather than becoming a scholar, I'd say use them as tools to bring yourself back up when you feel doubt. You won't believe it till you start experimenting and seeing it work. No amount of literature can convince you unless you start off.

There's a small video on YouTube, manifestation game. Manifest rubber duck or drums. I went for rubber duck. Within 48 hours I was bombarded with images of rubber ducks. Trust me, before or after that I've never seen rubber ducks on my Instagram. But that day, it was a rubber duck fest. Then I tried with smaller things. I wanted someone to do something super nice for me. In 2 days, my former colleagues organised a surprise farewell party. Every time you're stuck, identify what's bugging you and nail it.

Even after you manifest him back, there will be blockers because it's highly possible there are other limiting beliefs deep down embedded inside you that will start popping up. You'll have to nail them. I have to nail them constantly. I personally believe it's more than just manifesting an amazing life partner. It's just one of the many things I want. I am hardwiring this in my head sI get to live the best life that I deserve. That's what drives me to get up when I fall.

There are times when he does things that are out of my context. I feel doubt. But the best way to fix this, atleast in my experience, is to push him off for sometime till I get my control ( check Neville's false gods for more context). I know it's done, but if something deep down is interfering and causing him to react, keeping him off my focus helps me focus on the main problem. And when I finally interact with him, I notice that it has been fixed.

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8/15/2019 12:39 pm  #127

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

I've read through everything you've posted and I just want to say how inspiring you are! I'm trying to manifest my ex back now and reading your story really made me realize that it is possible and it will happen, I just have to believe and be patient! Never lose hope and have faith in the unseen, even if everything happening right now seems hopeless, it will not affect your outcome, you can most definitely get what you want as long as you don't lose sight of it! Thank you so much for this amazing story you have shared and I believe I'll be able to share my success story very soon! 


8/15/2019 12:43 pm  #128

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

Thank you for all this information, you made me believe even more
One day I am going to share my success story here so other people can believe it is possible!


8/15/2019 12:51 pm  #129

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

You're most welcome. Squash those doubts and share your success stories. We all need more of those!

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8/17/2019 4:12 am  #130

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

@Believer 21 - I read your whole story in one go and cannot tell you how happy I am for you. You are really strong and inspired me to stick to my Goals. It will be great if you can share quick 5-10 tips for people like me to stay consistent. I am asking this because I am also trying to manifest my SP(we are in NC since a month) and once/twice in a week I feel weak and cry. I get up again and convince myself that this is not done yet - everything is on the way. But I want to feel stronger to manifest things quickly.

Also what confuses me most of the times is should I just stay focussed on end results(me and him living together - I want to marry him next year) or should I also manifest small things in between( a call/text from him)

More Love and Power to you 


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