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6/06/2019 1:14 pm  #1

LOA Question- Free Will and Manifestation

The whole free will thing confuses me. Abraham Hicks says one thing then LOA coaches say something else. Perhaps it's us trying to pick and choose what we wanna hear? It has confused me and it's creating more resistance in me. I'm not sure what to think anymore. Abraham Hicks is supposed to be a consciousness that knows a lot. I feel like that is something we cannot easily deny?

So do people around you actually have free will? I want to attract a specific person but being so confused is not helping it.When Hicks speaks, it seems like it's not that possible like we think. Other coaches may say that they have no free will.

Insights on anyone's personal experience when it comes to manifesting a specific person?

Apologies if it isn't too clear. I am on my short lunch break and can elaborate/answer later if need be.


6/06/2019 1:38 pm  #2

Re: LOA Question- Free Will and Manifestation

I've done it myself. I'm personally a believer in Neville Goddard's teachings.They work for me and make a lot more sense than any of that other stuff.

Long before I discovered Neville,though, I married a specific person by imaginng I was married to him and wearing an imaginary wedding ring, what Neville would call living in the end. It was long distance with minimal contact as well, and we were married for many years.

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6/07/2019 10:52 am  #3

Re: LOA Question- Free Will and Manifestation

ValkyrieWarrior wrote:

Perhaps it's us trying to pick and choose what we wanna hear?

That's exactly what it is. It's up to you to decide if free will exists, after all scientists are still debating it. Both Abe-Hicks and Neville Goddard say that you can influence others, but they also imply that others can reject your influence too. Personally, I believe in free will. But it doesn't matter. It's only an obstacle if you make it one and these teachings are not about fighting obstacles. All you have to do is put yourself in the feeling-state/ vibration you want to be in were you to to be with the SP. You know the drill of the Abe-Hicks videos, what does it feel like? Focus on that and let the feelings of fulfilled love grow in you. Get in a relaxed state, visualize love scenes or work with affirmations, feel those feelings of being loved for 30 min. When you persist with these kind of feeling sessions, you'll notice a change in yourself. You'll react differently to things, new insights, new ideas, new intuition, new habits. Abe-Hicks focuses a lot on feeling deeply those feelings as if the goal is accomplished because when that happens you'll find your own answers and insights. That's really the most important thing here. And that's why free will vs no free will doesn't matter, what matters is that you get into this feeling-state and access your own insights.

Sometimes Abe-Hicks will say to take your attention off of a SP and "go general". This doesn't mean to give up a SP and aim for a generic person. Often, people will think about a SP and feel bad, their attention is on limiting beliefs and obstacles and it's really hard to feel the wish fulfilled deeply when you're so used to feeling bad like that, all those old thoughts just keep coming back up every time you think about a SP, every time you visualize scenes with them. So instead, focus on things that generally help you feel better, feel more empowered. It can be affirmations or a movie or going for a walk or other goals that help you feel more confident. Then when you feel generally more confident, optimistic, uplifted - then it's easier to change your self-talk about the SP, then it's easier to feel loved in visualization, then it's easier to think about the SP in a healthy way without falling back into repetitive negative self-talk. I think this is the most misunderstood thing about Abe-Hicks but it's also the most helpful from my experience. Personally, I went out with a SP thanks to Abe-Hicks teachings, I didn't think about the SP much, I didn't focus on her because I didn't want to activate thought-patterns of rejection and defeat and longing I had for years, I didn't want to get swept up in that kind of self-talk, I know myself and I know that it's easy for me to get sucked into that. So instead I focused more generally on feeling confident and feeling loved through visualization and focusing on other activities that helped me feel that way. And then events happened that led me us dating again without me having to do anything out of the ordinary, it just fit the new life I was building for myself.


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6/10/2019 4:47 pm  #4

Re: LOA Question- Free Will and Manifestation

I have had exes come back into my life many times, even when they said they didn't love me.

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