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5/30/2019 8:22 am  #1

Specific Person: Forgiveness and Communication

Hi all
I wanted to ask a question regarding manifesting a specific person.
I screwed up with a woman I had a huge crush on at work. Due to a few ‘limiting beliefs’ I acted cold around her to hide my feelings at first, though she was quite flirty with me in the beginning. When I finally mustered up enough confidence to approached her, she rejected me. I tried to play it cool, but only shortly after things became awkward between us. We had a few misunderstandings and I over-reacted by being too over-sensitive - i.e. going back to being cold to her.
I tried to mend the fences a few weeks later, but (having watched many of Veronica’s videos) I know that I was way too needy and started to ‘chase her’. I’m now in a better place, i.e. I finally got to the ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’ state of mind. I also managed to forgive myself as I wrote down all the thoughts and feelings I had during the time. I would have given everything to be able to handle the situation in a better way and approach her in a more confident manner. It was one hell of a learning experience and I did a lot of work since then to boost my self-esteem.
My only problem is that:
a. I know I caused a lot of the issues between us, by being too shy and on some occasions too sensitive, and
b. the lack of communication on both sides was and still is a major issue.

I really want us to at least become friends again, but she’s giving me the silent treatment at the moment. The last thing she said to me was that it’s not her causing all of this, but me. Yet, it always takes two - and she always reacted to me being cold to her by being grumpy, then suddenly went back to being nice and then became angry with me again when I couldn’t react the way she wanted that quickly – but never ever once tried to communicate to me about this.
Do you have any experience in getting someone to forgive you and completely move on from those moments in the past? Which techniques would work best?


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