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5/25/2019 12:13 pm  #1

other manis. exact same words- By Neville

As neville said, you forget how it came.
I forgot too, but i know it's 99.98% same words

story is : i sent one of my teacher a gift. 1st time. costly.something that is really of her use.Β 
she didnt receive call. i got amazon delievery mail. her son whatsapped only received.

we are family friends since yrs, she knows much of my secrets ;)
i denied to accept, she didn't react happily.Β 

only once , i heard her inside.Β 
week later, i called up. she picked. said, just returned, was on unplanned travel.Β 
gotta know abt my gift. said, will check let you know 2mrwΒ 

after that when we had a call, 3-4 days later..
she said , with same excitment - she checked. its lovely. she loved it. her fav colour. working fine.Β 
bonus : " u r so younger than me, i should have given you something. why are you giving ? "Β 

Excitment in her voice was exactly what i imagined with her loving words. 99.98% same.Β 
It works guys!
Good Luck !

pls note: I am dearest Neville Student. I live Neville-Life. If you don't know about me, check my post in Neville section in this forum.Β 


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Thanks & Love  ​
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