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4/15/2019 1:39 pm  #1

Financial Manifestation

Hi there,ย 

I am going to honest in saying this. I am struggling financially. I got out of a relationship in which I allowed my vibration to lower. I allowed my significant other to live with me but he lost his job. I began taking personal loans to cover rent, since then I have moved out. I am now living with a roommate to save on rent however these loans are taken from mย  check 2x a month and the interest rates are impossible. I have been looking for ways to get out, as I feel like my job is decent I am a Compensation Analyst (ironic I know). I think if I was able to replace these loans or pay off my life now, this budget would work.I am not typically a "down" person but I find it a constant struggle to stay hopeful in other areas of my life when I feel like I am always focused on "getting out of the hole" or feeling like I am treading water. But because of these loans I am unable to get out of the hole.ย  So I guess the questions being raised are these:

- how can I manifest pulling out of this debt while I am having horrible anxiety, feeling hopeless, and constantly reminded of my poor decisions?
-Is there anyone that can offer advice on where to go to get help/advice in regards to my payday loans?
-Can you guys send me positive vibrations so that I can get passed this?

I appreciate if you have read this far. Andy advice sincerely welcomed.ย 


5/02/2019 12:29 pm  #2

Re: Financial Manifestation

I don't know where physical you can go but whatย I would do is ask the universe for money. print out a fake check write how much you cant and visualize having it.ย  TRY to be happy every day. don't even say the word debtย  thinking debt will only keep you in more debt.ย  try watching some you tube videos on raising your vibrations-ย  scripting works well for this..write as if you have already paid off your bills. maybe ask for some overtime or get a second job just to help a bit but don't ever give up!!!ย ย ย  as long as your focus is "getting out" you will never get out. also try a vision board that's worked for me...but reallyย FEEL as if you already have your bills paid off. ย  best of luck to you.

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5/11/2019 3:53 pm  #3

Re: Financial Manifestation

Well there are several solutions for you. You can listen to luck or prosperity and abundance binaural beats or subliminals on youtube to tap into those respective frequencies some that I reccomend would be the 4 Leaf Clover Luck Subliminal from Royal Subliminals, and the Wealth and Prosperity Subliminals from the youtube channels Sapien Med and Hypnodaddy respectively. If you check the comments on those youtube videos they have good results so I'm positive you could manifest some results over a period of time if you consistently listen to those audios+doing some intention setting and visualization of you reaching your finanincial goals.ย 

On the taking action part I would budget the amount of money you have and the amount of debt that needs to be paid off and then you might have to work overtime or work a second job and stash as much cash as you can to fully pay off the debt try to see if the people you owe money too will work with you on a payment plan or let you pay in installments when you can afford it as long as you fully pay it off after a certain amount of time.

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