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4/29/2019 4:34 pm  #1

My son's been manifesting and it's so wonderful to see!!

So, my son is 25, and he knows I am into and practice the law of attraction. However, my darling son tends to let his imagination run wild with him, in a negative way. He tends to read too much into things.Β 
Here is his story, a few months ago he was driving my car, but when my fiance passed away I needed mine back. So, in a bit of a blur weekend he came down to me and spent probably about 80% of his time on his phone looking at this car and then that one. Some he was losing cos he was must missing them. Others he was taliking himself out of. Anyway, time started to get away with him, and he needed to get back for work. So, we drove out to another dealer, the last one he was trying, and he found a car. He liked it on test drive, but I noticed he didn't have any ooomph when he was talking to me about it. He was sitting there a little flat I noticed.Β 
Well, he drove off and a few days later, he called me up, all doom and gloom. Apparently, he had found all sorts of rust spots he never noticed when buying it. Also due to some intense web browsing he came ot the conclusion that his engine was going to go bang.. Then it would totally devalue his car, and he would lose a large sum of money
I was watching and listening from a distance sending him out loving vibes.Β 
Then there was the morning that he washed it, and got it on autotrader for sale. Nothing. He checked his area and it was saturated with cars round there. He wasn't going to get what he wasnted for it. So, he was organising coming down to me in it a the weekend and I was going to sell it for him down here. He was so stressed and worried over it all that he was attracting back all sorts of crap.
So, after a few words from me, talking him back up to feeling general and more positive about it all, we sort of arranged for him to come down, leave his car with me and him borrow mine again. Guess what.. he then relaxed. And bingo. It all started to come together. Last night, I get a call from him. He is buzzing. He had sold his car, for approx Β£450 less than he paid for it. Considering he had driven it a few months he was chuffed with that. The first and only call, and they bought it. Dead happy, and transferred a large sum of money straight into his bank. Happy day for him until sensible mum asked him how he was going to get to work this week.... "Umm yea I didn't really think that one through. I just followed my impulse to let it go".Β 
Anyway to cut the story short as I am waffling, he goes out today with his team leader, so was able to get a train from near him to London. Tomorrow he had to drive into work again and there is no public transport that way.Β 
I didn't worry. I just knew he would sort it. I told him to stay focuseed and positive and he did. He hunted on adverts this afternoon on the journey back and found a car fairly local. A lot cheaper than he was going to pay. It was a detour but he changed lines and head that way. The guy was a right gentleman and picked him up from the train station in the car.. All done, and my son phones me to say he has another car. Just like that. I could hear the happiness and the joy. I also said "you sound so much more relaxed now", and he said "yes he was, and then some". He realised that by letting go, relaxng into his desire and focussing on the positive it would sort itself out. It did and in a brilliant way for him... Nice work son!

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Much love x


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