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4/22/2019 4:26 pm  #1

Found myself a wonderfully therapeutic new hobby today :) Happy as

Hiya... A lot of you will know me through my website, and most of my work is writing. However about a week ago, I went with the family to a place that manufactures and sells garden ornaments very cheaply... I bought a load to sell, and also a few to paint with the paints and the brushes. Completed my first one, my colourful butterfly tonight, apart from a few touch-ups in the morning when it's dry. All day I kept getting more and more inspiration, and I kept on painting. I didn't realise I would enjoy it so much, but then I love colouring so I guess it's not a surprise really... a very therapeutic hobby PErrand good to get into a meditative state whilst involved. Perfect Another day that started out great and ended up wonderful... Oh, happy days... Writing and painting. WonderfulΒ 

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