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4/10/2019 6:50 pm  #1

The "horniness" factor

I haven't posted in a while, but I've continued doing my manifesting techniques and a lot of good things have happened for me. Long story short, I was in a toxic marriage for a number of years. I finally got up the courage to leave and move in with my dad as a trial separation. My ex was upset for a long while, pestering me to get back with him, etc. I kept hoping to manifest happiness for my ex-husband and an amicable split, where no one is badly hurt. Then one day, I got the call from him, saying he had decided he wanted a marriage dissolution and believed we are better off not together! No hard feelings, our demons just didn't play nice together, and we are on the road to a dissolution very soon without any bad blood. I tell this story as, to me, it proved manifestation is possible for me. I wish I could describe the technique I used, but I'm not entirely sure how it was different than what I'm currently working on, which is a romantic relationship with a good friend. And no, it's not a rebound situation. My marriage was in trouble for years, we've been separated for quite a while, and this man and I have been friends for several years. Definitely long enough for me to be sure of my feelings.

So why did I call this the post "horniness" factor lol? Well, something hit me today that may be causing issues with my ability to manifest the relationship just yet. First, I'm not someone who likes to sleep with anyone I'm not interested in. I can't do one-night stands at all. That doesn't appeal to me. But there are times when I get to thinking about my friend and imagining what it would be like to be intimate with him, and I, admittedly, get too excited. Like, in the "I need this NOW" feeling. It's hard to be happy in the present when I just want to jump this guy's bones. And there is really no substitute for that right now. He's the only one I'm interested in, and "going it solo" helps some, but ultimately leaves me feeling empty.Β 

So my question is, how do you get past this? I'm open to ideas on getting myself "out of the mood." Thanks!


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