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4/07/2019 3:21 pm  #1

For when you are feeling low ( not a succes YET but its happening )

Hey Guys,

I am tiping this as I am on a very bad day/time of my journey.

I am manifesting/attracting a specific person who is not my ex but we had a thing going on for a month.

A little backstory,
We met at a party and immedietely got along so well. We held hands and that was so weird for me because It felt so innocent but intimate and the same time. We kissed and he came back to my place with me but we didnt hook up. He just slept there.Β 
The next day he texted me and asked me to hang out again and that went on for the next entire month. He slept at my place and we went out and everything. We both didnt think we that would happen but we grew together so much and both felt so connected to each other. But he didnt feel like it was enough for a relationship at that time. I told him it think its better to stop the contact or else i wouldnt get over him. I think thats mainly the reason for his long pause in contact. He really always respected my wishes.

Ever since we cut the contact I started my journey to manifest him/ back.
I was already studying and applyng the LOA for about a year and it has been going great. So I did everything, Vizuakised, affirmed, meditated and all and I still do.

Shortly after, I started seeing so many signs. At first it was mostly number like 333, 111. Then after a month he texted me for new years.

I started asking the universe for signs if I am doing everything correct and if he is feeling the same way about me as I do abt him. And I got more and more signs. ( ask the universe for help ist really helpfukk if youre down)

For a couple of months I felt amazing and The anticipation that he will come forward.
Then around a month ago, all the doubt started getting in. I got so many triggers and tests by the universe to see if i am readyΒ  for my wish to be fulfilled and i didnt really react the perfect way to some of them. But I still didnt give up.
Thats when I kinda had a little break down. You think is what I am feeling really true, am I aimagining everything, will it even happen etc.
I cried and begged the universe to not see this as a step back but as me asking for a big sign.
I did and got it,
After I fiished crying I went on instagram and saw some tarot card readings. It said that the Women of those relationships is feeling really doubt full atm. That shes being tested before her wish is being fullfilled. And the next post said that you always feel bad before it happens. nad stuff like dont give up.
Then, I started seeing 111,1111,222,123,333,444,555 etc. EVERYWHERE. I think i see it about 129 times a day. ( angel numbers)
Then when I was bored, I went on a dating app, not with the intetion to meet someone, but just for fun. Let me tell you, I have never met a person with his name before, eventhigh his name isnt that uncommon. As a joke I said. Ok universe, if I see a person with his Name, Ill take it as a sign. And I kid u not the next 5 people had his name??? in a row. And that has never happened before. Ever sice that day I see his Name practically 5 times a day on different people and I met 4 guys with his name in that time. And again, I never met anyone before. I felt like it was the universe trying to tell me to not give up on him and to constanty think about him

One day, abt 2 weeks ago, I got very drunk and had a lot of fun with my friends. i was kinda sad about my SP and looked at a picture of him. The next MINUTE a guy came up to me and, guess what, he had the same name as my SP. We kissed that night but just for fun, not with any feelings involved. And The week after that, I met someone with his name again.

Whenever that happens I just know something is trying to tell me to not give up.Β 
I can stilll feel that it is going to happen any day now. Guys

ask the Universe for signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I still need to wotrk on limiting beliefs and just trusting the signs I am seeing.

We all deserve to get what we want and if you feel such a deep bond to someone, DONT GIVE UP.


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