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1/31/2019 3:51 pm  #1

Manifested him back and then lost him again!

My emotionally unavailable man and I ended things in October. I know his ex was coming within the next three weeks because he told me and said he was starting to feel guilty and was thinking about ending it. Well, we did and I was devastated. We met up one other time and then I thought we were back together, but we weren't when he stopped responding to my texts.

After a month, I asked to see him and he said he can't see me anymore, he thought he made that clear. We went back and forth and then I said ok, be well and he said maybe we can still be friends now and then and what not.

A week later, he sends a snapchat and tried to make convo, but I didn't accept, but I started manifesting things once I discovered Veronica, Anges, and the PW book. I did a guided meditation about removing a third party and the next day, my eum followed me on instagram and liked a photo. And then three weeks later, I did another manifestation with the whispering technique and the next day he wrote that he missed me, wants to keep in touch, but more importantly he still wants me and hopes to continue doing us...but I know he wrote that because the ex was going back to her country.

But I said let's just go with the flow and he asked to see me and we chose a date, but he had to reschedule because something came up. We chose another date and he cancelled last minute for a friend's birthday party and then he told me he has to cancel entirely, he's sorry. He'll let me know if he's ever ready.

I feel foolish and I feel like I did these manifestations that brought him back, but maybe my energy was off? I kept thinking why would he want to get back with me? Maybe he doesn't want to see me, maybe he had a change of heart....all for it to become real. I hate myself for letting him in only to be disappointed.

I'm not sure if I should do anymore manifestations or if I should just carry on. Advice?


4/05/2019 10:26 am  #2

Re: Manifested him back and then lost him again!

I'm learning how to manifest and I've manifested two objects so far, but this is the first time I've manifested a human being.

While I was disappointed my specific person cancelled on me, we've spoken and seen each other since then, but that's not on purpose.

One Thursday morning I decided to "live in the end" and "in the wish fulfilled" so as I walked to work I told myself over and over that I was seeing him that evening, he's my boyfriend and he's coming to see me that night and I got happy because I was in the emotion and excitement about seeing him.

Around 4:30 that day, he texted me asking to see me! I agreed and we saw each other, but man was I floored that it even happened. I had just seenΒ  him the week before so seeing him again so soon didn't cross my mind, so I knew that this all happened because of me! I manifested him to see me. I didn't exactly visualize, I just repeated how I was going to see him and felt the feelings of happiness and boom.

This stuff really works....

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