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5/28/2017 1:43 pm  #1

This dream

I put a subliminal self love video whist I dream and the voice of the video appeared in my dream just different scenes like me walking that appears a high school hall way to return a camera that friend and myself stole...

I felt horrible it was a stupid practice k but I kept searching for her. She was wearing what it looked like a green baseball tshirt. Some point, everyone at the school was wearing it as I kept asking for her.

Then it switched what it felt like me walking on a empty hallway and a guy grabs me, kisses me while I push him away. [Feels like my LJ but more teenager look and with braces]

Switches to another scene and the name Abraham (since I am reading up loa) appears in a blackboard with other stuff written.

Switches to another scene about me having a seizure and people were trying to help me. As if the bad ideas of myself were talking a hold of an exorcism since I started to speak in other languages but the subliminal video voice was still on the background. Felt like a cleaning of these ideas.

Then it switches again to a scene me hanging out with his mom. (Having loads of dreams with her) and I feel like we were going to meet up with him.

Then I tried waking up but I was in a trance and felt like I couldn't move. The video kept playing and my mom came into the room. I could hear her but not talk to her after moments later. (She got scared)

Then I woke up with this undeniable peace...

It's interesting. Any thoughts to it.

I am blessed and loved.

LJ + K forever!

3/17/2019 5:20 am  #2

Re: This dream

One more thing to add. I tried the FILD technique first at 3:40 am. But it failed, so I slept again and woke up during 4:40 am and tried it again. Thats when I became lucid. Also, theres a correction. The dream happened between 4:45 to 5:30 am.


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