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1/27/2019 12:15 am  #1

Self Love : My Story & Thoughts

Basically self love was lacking in me. I have seen consequences of always putting him at the 1st priority. 
valuing other elderly's opinion than our love. I never looked at my multiple degrees, excellence..... Always was
listneing to other elderly's obidiently. 

When I used to understand any bluffs / anything true...I had to explain it hard to my parents. Cz They dont understand these things and blind trust. But both of them being quantitave majority, always fought with me, pulled me down. Treated me like nothing. My mother is ultra negativity poisonous. Her words will make your life worst, may be the cut of sword is better......... ! She always suppressed me , I'm nothing. Look at other girls .... right from my childhood. 

By god's grace, I am multiple degree holder. Never fall pray of this. Except when I fell in love. And I asked them for permission. I listened to my bf and melted in his sugar coated words. 
>>>>>>>>>>>> I kept them at 1st best position. 

Yes, Now My life is changed. I'm positive. Creating many things. Handling parents well. 
But I suffered for 2 yrs. I got seperated from him. I had no one to hug and cry even that time. 
I haven't cried till now for that....... No one to hug. Parents here to expect more, trying to break more,
forcing for marriage by tactful psychological tricks . 

I'm writing this cz I really feel, please be awake. 
I wish no one should suffer , that I suffered. 

Changes will blow your mind

After doing Self Love Meditations, I changed lookwise. I started new things. I trusted myself. 
In Neville, LOA....... If you can't trust yourself you can do anything. 

My parents now totally opposite behavior for my bro. Why they behaved like this to me? Cz I was lacking Self Love. I Never said with proud Yes, I am expert. It's ego when you lack gratitude. And such negative thoughts KILL Yourself. I am watching that LIVE example. 

But please please please learn a lesson out of it. I paid 2 yrs of my life.
I listened to parents & they treated me the hell........ Even after listening to them. 


How to use it in your case?

1. Your case might be different. Please see, when I kept other people at they are the 1st best, I listened to them
They kept on tossing me. They are not bothered about me, my yrs. 
2. I made same mistake in relationship. Please be equal in relationship and don't loose your self esteem. 

My entire case , seperation is due to " LACK OF SELF LOVE " I made it. Practically. I told him. I did that. 
Our fights in relationship were only cz I was keeping him at the 1st best. 

Time is irreversible. I paid that price to learn this. Please hold your life if you can. 

Misuse of this :

1. It is for people like me who kept doing anything for their love. Sacrifised for others.
If we read and practice this, we treat others equally. We do not dominate. 
2. If already dominating people read this, they will overdo. That will not make but will break your relationship. 

My writing this sunday morning is to help all those who are on boundry line.
My this post might save many many many .......... 


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Thanks & Love  
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1/27/2019 7:39 pm  #2

Re: Self Love : My Story & Thoughts

Thank you for sharing your experience :D 


1/28/2019 12:45 am  #3

Re: Self Love : My Story & Thoughts

Kavik wrote:

Thank you for sharing your experience :D 

why smiling in naughty way 🤔

Thanks & Love  
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2/14/2019 10:00 am  #4

Re: Self Love : My Story & Thoughts

Thank you for this Kute.

I just wanted to know if you ever tried EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique to work on Self Love. I feel like I never really know how to WORK on Self Love until I discovered this technique. I think you can do all the visualizations you want but if you don't work on the underlying negative self talk it's really hard to make a real change. Here's a video that may help:

Let me know if this helps you! It made a world of difference to me!
With Love,


2/14/2019 10:49 am  #5

Re: Self Love : My Story & Thoughts

I got myself. I don't need to TRY ANYTHING ELSE.
Happy Valentine's day. Happy manifesting.

Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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