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1/27/2019 7:55 pm  #1

Creators or co-creators?

Hey guys! This question popped in my mind. I believe we can shape our reality with the power of our conscious and subconscious mind, and with the emotions and feelings we put in our wishes, that's why we attract good and bad experiences. Of course the universe has to be involved in the process, because we put trust in it and with timing because as some wishes can manifest almost instantly, others take more time (still can't comprehend that part of timing, and why in some situations is fast and with others don't).Β  But my question is: if we can make our reality with the help from the Universe and LOA, are we the creators or co-creators of our life?Β 

I just think about an editor and co-editor of a magazine. The editor is actually who decides what should be on every page of the magazine, the photos, the interviews and can make last minute decisions in the content of the magazine while the co-editor helps in the process of making the magazine. Although the co-editor can contribute with some ideas, it's not in his hand the outcome of the magazine. So, with this is mind, who are us, the editors/creators or the co-creators/co-editors of our life? And why you think that?


1/29/2019 1:20 pm  #2

Re: Creators or co-creators?

We are creators only. Each of us is creating our own individual reality entirely. It’s exactly like a dream. When you dream at night, who is creating your dream and EVERYTHING in it? Just you, right? Reality is the same exact thing. Absolutely no difference. The β€œuniverse” is you. No separation.

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2/04/2019 12:46 pm  #3

Re: Creators or co-creators?


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