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1/22/2019 8:11 am  #1

Neville Success Stories Of That Time People

I am loving & living Neville.. I see the drastic changes in me, inside me, my feelings..
I am sharing awesome cases to make anyone feel positive instantly.


Don't listen / try doing it without understanding or just to get solution of your current situation.
It's really so much great ! It will change your life........ !! In all ways !!!


1. A lady with both hands full of blisters & bleeding, completly freed herself from tiniest scars
on just day 5 of revision technique....... !!!
2. Neville himself escaped from US army jail on Day 9 !!!
3. Neville's client - Totally new to this, tried 1st time & escaped her bro out of US army jail on Day 7 !!!!
4. Neville got divorce on day 7th - There were no significant "seen" stuffs till day7..but he knew, it's working..!!!
5. In one more lecture I heard, another lady imagined tea back into the tea pot & got her hands unburnt within few hrs !

It's your belief...No words can be used to explain that. The feelings that you feel..from within..... !!!
Belief is the super power that can lift you THERE where you desired. 


I have shared schedule & other details in my " Got MISSING LINK " post under Neville here. 
Wishing you all , happy manifesing

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Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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