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7/10/2018 3:35 am  #1

It doesn't seem to have an effect...

Hello everyone!

This might be a bit of an odd story, but i've been doing self love stuff since April in order to conquer anxiety and depression and changing my feeling of self worth. I must say it worked after a week or 6 of doing so. 
However, my girlfriend left me by the end of May, which devastated me and i'm in the process of manifesting a new relationship with her. And self love seems to be a key factor to doing so. So i've been doing self love again and again, saying my affirmations, treating myself well, doing Agnes her self love meditations etc. But i don't feel any change inside me. I don't feel more loved or more wanted than before. 

So is it possible that i'm already stocked up on self love, or is something else going on? 


7/10/2018 5:35 am  #2

Re: It doesn't seem to have an effect...

This is just my view of LOA, and there are people on this forum who think differently, but you don’t need self love in order to manifest anything. Not even a relationship with another person. It all comes down to what you believe.

The reason I say this is because there are people who have gotten exes back or who are in happy, long  relationships right now who don’t really seem to love themselves. The reason why this works for them is because they believe their significant other loves them, even though they don’t feel great about themselves. Think about it, if the rest of the world seemed to hate you at one point, wouldn’t your mother still love you (assuming you have a good relationship with her)? How could this be if self love is a requirement before another person can love you? It’s just because you believe that she will love you no matter what, and that’s what you experience.

We are manifesting every single second of our reality, self love or not. We never stop manifesting. I’m not speaking against self love. I think it’s great! And what it does is it makes it easier for you to believe that another person loves you because you find yourself loveable. That’s how it relates to manifesting a relationship with someone.

So if you find that you can believe that your SP loves you and will never leave you right now, then you’re fine. That’s all that’s required!

Hope this helped.


7/10/2018 5:48 am  #3

Re: It doesn't seem to have an effect...

What Fizzy said may be true however I still think it is very important to practice self love regardless of if you are manifesting someone back or not.

Do you have the “feelings” when you say the affirmations like, “I love myself” or are you just saying them?

I understand what you mean and sometimes I go through that as well. What helps me is really making sure I’m putting in the feeling of loving myself when I say it.

I also write down what I love about myself every day. Five things- they range from personality type traits to physical traits!

Have you read the book “love yourself like your Life Depends On It?” By kamal Ravikant?


7/13/2018 11:47 pm  #4

Re: It doesn't seem to have an effect...

I think lack of self love leads to limiting beliefs which make manifestation more difficult.  Personally, when I started my journey and tweaked my process from doing mostly specific processes regarding my person to heavily focusing on self love, I wasn't as concerned about what he was or wasn't doing.  Of course, I have my doubts from time to time as I am human, but I'm able to correct it within a short time frame, usually less than a day.  In the past, a "negative" interaction with my person would affect me for days.  I credit self love practice with this shift.


1/18/2019 2:26 am  #5

Re: It doesn't seem to have an effect...

Quite complex story.


1/18/2019 7:20 am  #6

Re: It doesn't seem to have an effect...

ShawnHayter wrote:

Quite complex story.

Roy's vanished now, doesn't post any more. It would be really good to get updates from people in the Success Stories section rather than them vanishing, I would be interested in reading these. 

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