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1/11/2019 8:31 pm  #1

Creative visualisation and its effects

Hi everyone love and LOA success to you all!

Would you say that the more creative your visualisations are the more effective they become? I would say that I feel my mind wanting to imagine a very non typical situation when I'm at a place with my SP.

Let's say you visualise your SP saying stuff like they love you. This would normally be visualised in a familiar place like your bedroom or a pub. I guess my question would be is it the intention of the visualisation or the visualisation itself that makes it work? I like to imagine myself in fantasy taverns for example and was wondering if having me and my SP play imaginary roles is a hindrance. I guess if the outcome in this fantasy world is what you want in the real world then it doesn't matter how you visualise it?

Thank you in advance for you're advice! x

" Faith is the deepest and truest form of Magic "

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