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1/08/2019 12:08 am  #1

manifestation stories

Hi! Just wanted to share how excited this journey is, at first I thought yeah right the only excitement will be when my sp returns...however I am blown away at how quick I am manifesting things in the mean time.. lol! They are little things but still it sharpens your skill and builds your confidence BIG time to do little things. Β I manifested a free coffee, I sat down next to a lady at a coffee shop and she "just so happen" to need my services of my business, I ask to see specific things everyday when I leave the house just for fun and bingo without failure and these are random things I come up with, an unexpected gift on a specific day, a financial blessing (half off waxing as long as I wan it!), list keeps going and I cant wait to wake up and start the the day saying Something amazing is going to happen to me today! and it always does! Just wanted to share with you guys, sharpen your skills, build your confidence because this stuff REALLY works, its our beliefs that get in the way..prove to yourself that it works so you feel like a boss! xoxoxo

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1/08/2019 6:25 am  #2

Re: manifestation stories

Amazing~! I am really looking forward to getting to that stage All in practice, all in good time


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