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12/30/2018 1:51 am  #1

IT FINALLY WORKED! i got my sp back

okay so im not gonna make this really long but ive been having a thing with my sp for a while and somewhere around mid November he broke it off and clearly it was my fault so i wanted to make things right i guess and the next day i came across LOA and idk i got so interested in it and saw a whole bunch of veronica's videos and other videos on youtube and decided to give it a go because why not.

we were in no contact for like a month and it was honestly the worst but then after watching veronica's videos i started working on myself and focusing on myself only which was great tbh i felt so much better, i did loads of visualizations and also came across the whispering technique, i tried 25 day challenge too so like i did alot lolย 
then i came across PW and BWD i did PW almost every night combined with the whispering technique but when i combined it with BWD it seemed to have worked pretty wellย 

after doing manifestations for few days i started seeing alot of numbers, angel numbers i started seeing 44, 22,11ย 
all the time in various places and honestly it freaked me out first but then i just considered it a good sign and carried on. i carried on doing my manifestations and also scripting which seemed to work wonders im telling you it always works and then two days after i tried scripting, yesterday which was the 29th of december, my sp and i had a good conversation and we reconciled and its all cool now and its so great we talked all night and its the best feeling ever, im so happyย 

my manifestations started working when i let go and just didn't think much of it and went about my own day and work and i think thats very important, once you manifest something just let it go and leave it to the universe and feel relieved because you already got the thing you want. i also find it easy to manifest when i write down affirmations and what im grateful for everyday, it just puts you in a good mood and makes you feel good about yourselfย  and thats the most important part of manifesting. feeling good about it is the main idea if you dont feel good about manifesting dont do it because it shouldnt feel like a desperate thing.

anyways ill update if something else happens, ive been dying to write a success story lol and now its finally happened.ย 


12/30/2018 4:08 pm  #2

Re: IT FINALLY WORKED! i got my sp back

Nice, thank you for sharing your storyย 


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