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12/26/2018 1:50 am  #1

Law Of Love By Abraham Hicks

I got a beautiful video this morning. Sharing with all. 
Summary :
1. Visualisation as a method is correct. 
2. BUT law of Universe, Law of Love is very simple. 
3. Think what you want & you get it.. 
Situation discussed in video :
1. Girl wants commitment. Boy not yet saying those words. 
    She has done 30 dys of happy living & learnt great things & she's vibrating with high frrquency. 
Counseling :
1. Boys want freedom , Girls want commitment. 
2. He may be feeling same but noy yet telling you in those words. 
3.  Don't push him away by our thoughts. 
4. Thanks him for being stubborn, so you studied, reached your sources.
5. POA at this situation : Power of Diversion. Focus on the other things. 
6. DOn't make him your source of happiness. 
7. By doing so, you are allowing things coming to you ............... 
. So, repeated visualisations, will indicate you are trying to
   manifest something, forcefully which is not manifesting......... !
Another imp topic quickly covered here :
1. I feel good when alone, when ther ppl comes...mess !
Ans : It's not about him, it's about what you doing with your vibrations ! 

Don't complicate things, Be happy all 
Link of Video :

Thanks & Love
Feel free to PM for anything else.

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