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12/07/2018 4:36 am  #1

It's Finally Taking Place.

Everyone! I have to share! So the past couple days I have let the energy between me and my ex flow between us haven't been so worried and don't overthink everything. You want to know what my lover and I have only been talking once every month for the past five months and this week we've talked four times alone and they've been great progress; Conversation #1 we apologized to each for past wrongs and it was wonderful. Conversation #2 we talked for about 1 and half hours just reconnecting. Conversation #3 we reconnected more and talked longer than before, and Conversation #4 he talked about being lonely in NYC and wished he had someone there to be with him. This all has taken place after I scripted a conversation on here, I also have been telling myself I am part of his goals and dreams and that I deserve this because I have worked hard for it, because I am loving and caring, and because I am beautiful. Everyone me and him are gonna be a success story!! I can't wait to share it with you guys I know it'll teach everyone a lot I don't have the most difficult case but there was some blockages but no more! Also, I could use inspiration also if you have any stories to share or if something like these conversations started happening in your case and you can tell me it'll be a good boost of confidence. Thank youΒ 


12/07/2018 4:37 am  #2

Re: It's Finally Taking Place.

Hi everyone, does anyone have a good way for getting rid of unwanted thoughts in manifesting? I don't react to the thoughts anymore I just wish I could make them go away, any advice? Thank you.Β 

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12/07/2018 9:26 am  #3

Re: It's Finally Taking Place.

NEgative thoughts are monsters I tell you.........But all you could do is simply ignore them and dont feel the fear or any negative emotion behind it and yeah divert the thought .
Waiting for you to write the full success story.Please mentions all what you did . Hope you upload it soon


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