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11/13/2018 10:53 am  #21

Re: 25 days challenge success stories please♥️

Honestly I bought Veronica's book and it's literally all fluff lol...

Don't waste your money on that and read Cherished, Sanshi, and Cynthia (if there's any other person who's putting out good content on this forum <3 ) posts on the forum. Buy Neville Goddard books. Listen to Agnes Vivarelli.


11/19/2018 9:35 pm  #22

Re: 25 days challenge success stories please♥️

I can think of two examples of people manifesting in less than a month, one would be the example Neville gives in the Law and the Promise Chapter Three (maybe that was just over a month). The other would be Elizabeth Daniels (she wrote about manifesting a specific person, but just read Neville), who attracted someone that was living on a different continent, within three weeks.

The only reason it would have been so quick for them is having little to no resistance. Most people have more resistance than that and therefore, there is no point in giving deadlines, just do what has to be done. The one benefit could be to imagine the state that these people must have been in, in order to create so quickly, doubt, no resistance, living in the end result, feeling the feelings they would have if they already had what they wanted, NOT looking at current reality. "Shut the door", as Neville says, on the manifested world, and live in imagination.

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"We imagine the wish fulfilled and carry on mental conversations from that premise. Through controlled inner talking from premises of fulfilled desire, seeming miracles are performed". - Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination, Chapter Five

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