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11/01/2018 10:41 pm  #1

We are so happy to be together!

My first entry.  I am not concerned about proper grammar, so sorry.

It's Saturday, December 1, 2018.
I am so happy to be waking up next to Raphael.  He is already awake and smiles at me "Good Morning"  he says "are you hungry?"  I reply "yes. what time is it?"  He says "Almost 12 my dear. I'll make us some cheese & spinach omelettes".  I say "with bacon" laughing.  He laughs "you know I don't eat pork".  I follow him in the kitchen, put the tea kettle on and watch him cook. After eating he asks if I have any plans for the day.  I say just errands.  I need to pick up my mail from the po box.  He says "why don't we meet back here around 3?  If Beale Street Could Talk is out and I heard it's pretty good ."  I say "Ok.  I wanted to see that movie".  We shower together and leave separately to run our errands.  We meet back at the house and go on our way to the Gardens.  We missed the 3:45 show so get tickets for the 6pm show and decide to eat a very early dinner at Raphael's favorite fish place.  After we eat we get to the movie, we are out around 8:45  and decide to go home for a nightcap.  We shower, pour ourselves some wine and put on some Luther Vandross.  Raphael takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom.  Our interaction is so passionate and we fall asleep in each other's arms.


11/03/2018 2:27 am  #2

Re: We are so happy to be together!

It's Sunday, December 2, 2018,
"I am so happy to be waking up to Raphael"  I think while opening up my eyes this Sunday morning.  I stretch and don't feel his body next to mine.  I then hear the whirl of the blender.  I stretch some more and make my way into the kitchen.  
Good Morning I say cheerfully.  Good Morning he smiles and I give him a peck on the lips.  I ask him what's he doing and he says he reading some scriptures and passes me my blended drink.  He says are you joining me for church today?  I shrug and say no.  He laughs "You always say that".  I promise that I will join you next week.  He says I will remember that and stands up to leave.  I whine "Your leaving already"  He says  "I'm trying to make it to the morning service and afterwards play some soccer"  
I ask "Are you going to stop by later?"  "I'll make dinner".  He says he'll stop by later.  
We kiss goodbye and I jump in the shower to start the rest of my day.  I run errands, visit my mom for a bit and head back home to have dinner ready by 6.  Raphael get's to my place just in time for dinner.  He surprises me with my favorite kosher red wine.  We drink, eat, talk, and laugh.  It's getting late, so I ask him if he's staying the night.  Of course he can't turn me down!  We shower, get in the bed, cuddle and fall asleep.

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