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7/24/2018 3:19 pm  #1

Protecting Your Self Image & Loving Your Appearance

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share something with you guys in case it may be helpful to atleast one person reading this.

So I wanted to emphasize how important it is to moderate and filter the things you view and consume via television, social media, magazines or any other form of information sharing. I’m saying this in regards to how you view your appearance and image.

Yes, true self love is much deeper than your outer appearance but I do believe embracing the way you look is an integral part of loving yourself. Also, it’s possible to want to improve your looks while still loving where you are at now. For example, I want to grow my bum a bit bigger but I still see the beauty in what I look like now.

But back to my original point: The media you consume in your daily life can seriously impact your self image. So do yourself a favor and curate what you see so that it builds you up rather than tear you down. I used to follow all these girls on Instagram that were beautiful in their own way but looked nothing like me. I didn’t realize that it was subconsciously messing with my self image until last week. I immediately unfollowed those girls and started following girls who were equally beautiful but possessed features that were more similar to mine and omg it really does have an impact. Of course having good inner talk should be the main focus but outer positive reinforcement definitely doesn’t hurt. I appreciate the way I look a little more now that I see people who look like me being praised almost on a daily basis.

I know this definitely works because I did the same thing with my instagram in college and I grew to appreciate my looks so much more. My confidence was stable and I was feeling myself lol. I even attracted my SP into my life at that time and he told me I was like those girls in a magazine that guys wish to have.
But slowly I started reverting and following profiles that did not serve me. My self esteem took a bit of a dive and I was thinking thoughts like “if only I looked like her”, “dating would be easier if I looked like her”, or “my SP probably find these types of girls more attractive”. And yes, I ended up losing my SP during this downward spiral and am now working on getting him back or someone better who knocks my socks off.

Now that I caught myself and cleaned up my social media following, my self image is taking a more positive turn. I even look back and think how silly of me to think I wasn’t attractive in my own right because at the end of the day beauty comes in so many shapes, sizes, and colors.

So the main point of this post is to consume content that serves you and your beautiful uniqueness. This isn’t confined to looks. It also applies to content that praises your god given abilities, skills, and accomplishments. Be good to yourself!!!

Edited To Add: I want to correct myself. When I said “I appreciate the way I look a little more now that I see people who look like me being praised almost on a daily basis”, what I meant to say is that I realize more and more that the beauty that I possess is fully capable of being recognized by others. I didn’t have to be a certain specific type of “pretty” to be considered pretty. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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10/30/2018 2:32 pm  #2

Re: Protecting Your Self Image & Loving Your Appearance

 This is wonderful!


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