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9/19/2018 6:22 pm  #21

Re: Why your situation is not hopeless

Needed this! Thank you for posting


10/24/2018 6:57 pm  #22

Re: Why your situation is not hopeless

Love love and live this!!


10/27/2018 5:15 am  #23

Re: Why your situation is not hopeless

Together wrote:

Hi dear all,

Let me tell you why your situation is not hopeless.

You might be in a situation where you think.. oh well this all might be interesting and working for someone else, but not for me..because my love is ..for instance...or because she is not answering me..or or because my love is in a different relation.. or because your love is not living close to you.. or ..because it has been to long ago..or..because the children make it get my point...I'm sure you will find a reason. any because...

But let me tell you... everybody thinks their situation is 'unique' and 'impossible'

For the sake of this experiment, I will let you believe my situation is more impossible then your situation, because my love has blocked me completely and wants nothing todo with me after me getting desperate...but even in my situation there is nothing lost. Why do I know that ? When My love and me seperated I was thinking for months there was nothing to be rescued and my love would never talk with me again... but somehow we started talking nothing ever happened ! ....until I completely broke by desperation...again :-) silly.. 

So you see, I even have friends who were actually blocked and told by police never to talk with their loves..and even they got back together  together against all odds.  (i don't advise you to go so far, no-contact is better) So my point is, everyone thinks their situation is the worst and unique. But that is the whole point !! It is not !! And you have to get a wider perspective. When an oil sheik has only 1 million$ left of his billions$, he will think he is bankrupt and can see no more future. When you or me have a million$ , we will feel like the richest persons in the universe. So you see. If you think your situation is the worst, Imagine a fairy tale or romantic move. Often the story goes against all odds. Why would your story not be that fairy tale?

If you start to realize how nothing is fixed and nature is changing every day and responds to your vibrations, everything is possible.  Your situation is no different.

Just go make your own fairy tale every day !

It"s interesting, how you was thinking for months there was nothing to be rescued and your  love would never talk with you again and he started told with you. So it seems like you didn't live in end , when you was think you will never talk with him and it was  happen too . So I really dont understand how this all works. Some people are sure that things doesnt happen and they happen, some people are sure that a things will  happen and they dont happen.


10/31/2018 8:59 am  #24

Re: Why your situation is not hopeless

Just wanted to share something a bit strange but powerful and yet subtle experience I had the other day. I am not sure what to make of it but I had this feeling come over me-this gentle hug I received (spiritual/psychic, however you want to call it) and a message that came with it was that: "my wife (speaking of me) I am praying for you".  It wasn't an exterior voice necessarily but kind of the words of the spiritual embrace. As for me, I have never been married but many times I have prayed for my future husband.  In any case, just a positive vibe I thought I could post here.  Hope it's ok. Peace be with you.


12/07/2018 10:34 am  #25

Re: Why your situation is not hopeless

Amazing! A perfect example of hope! Anything is possible as long as YOU BELIEVE IT! 


2/17/2022 11:51 am  #26

Re: Why your situation is not hopeless

Looks good!
Keep it up!


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